Remove Persia from rotation until fixed

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    Remove Persia from rotation until fixed

    Hi all,
    Please, please, please remove Persia from rotation, it really is buggy, its just caused the server to go down...again :aaaaa:
    It would be a decent map if it were fixed.
    Removing/improving (maybe open up some of the buildings?) Farm Feud might also be a good idea given people's hatred of's way too small.
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    also remove range from the list.
  3. The original persia is currently in a new release, but you would want to modidy some elements since some accesses have been changed.

    By the way, I don't really mind that you used my map as long as you credit me, but I would appreciate that you ask beforehand next time. I could even provide the source file.
  4. Perfect. Just the person I wanted to speak to. I've been meaning to to make an account on FPS Banana to message you for a while. I noticed you uploaded a new version last week.

    Would you be able to turn Persia into an Arena map just for our PH server?
    It's one of our more popular maps but due to it's crashing (95% that's due to me decompiling and changing a few things), it's somewhat frowned upon when it's selected.
  5. Not quite a standard arena map though - see here. You will be credited in the list of maps/authors on the AlliedModders PropHunt thread of course :)
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  6. I'll look onto that, but I'm currently quite busy for at least one week.
    I'd have a couple questions, then :

    - if the procedure to make the map into prop_hunt is well defined, what things prevented you from getting a safe and robust setup ?
    - what changes would be useful in a gameplay point of view ?
  7. - I blame shinx :P
    - Don't go for overkill on props to blend in with like on warehouse, and have as little clipping as possible and lots of interesting brushwork to hide behind. Also not too many health packs (and keep them small), but a decent amount of ammo for the w+m1's.

    EDIT: haha, shinx still has a smiley

  8. No rush. I'm out of action for a little while anyway until my new PSU arrives. I'm not sure what causes it to crash. I've probably caused some bug somewhere when I decompiled it.

    I removed the logic_koth and replaced it with logic_arena and also removed some of the things needed for the lazer since I thought that's what was initially crashing it, but apparently not. Since you have the vmf and you're a skilled mapper, you'll be able to do a much better job then me.

    When you're next on the server, ask Grim, Mike, Deli or one of the regulars to show you some of the things I added. Most notable would be the floor traps.
  9. Geit Coding wizard!

    Shinkz has a 64bit system I think, Pakrat dislikes 64 bit systems, dark can vouch for that.
  10. Oh god don't even get me started on pakrat
  11. Haa pakrat, it just broke my laser again ^^

    You want to remove clips, but from which zones ? currently, roofs are clipped, many beams and brushwork are too to make navigation easier. And of course map limits. If you think it's possible I can keep the laser firing at rouns end while removing timer base elements.
  12. I don't know if it was the laser. I doubt it was. I just removed it because I'd never seen something like that before hehe :D

    Hmm let's see what I can remember doing by memory.. The areas I can remember unclipping where... just in front of the CP. That small area beyond the fence where there's a small amount of water.and a few of the areas around the entire map high up. I think 3 or 4 of them. You have trees set up there with rocks.

    When I get my new PSU I'll grab some screenshots of where I opened and changed slightly. It's a really awesome map that's why I grabbed it.
  13. I haven't actually seen the map yet, removing clipping was a general suggestion :P
  14. Ha okay. Well, persia is already quite polished for koth gameplay, but as a possible prop hunt map there are some specificities involved :

    Both spawns have a large backroom area quite detailed, no longer reachable but that could be fixed.
    The side looks and props are quite dissymetric : in prop hun, is it possible to switch on what side of the map teams may spawn ?

    There are a number of decorative rooms I could make reachable but it could be overkill for props : the map itself offers lots of cover and routes already.

    Many props are partially blended in the sand : would it be better to make them stand out more to help props players ?

    There are some specific models : those that could be usables are
    - clay jar
    - persia retextured palm tree
    - persia lantern (usually stands on walls, could be difficult to use)
    - the laser batteries, exists in three flavors : switched off, lit as red or lit as blue.
  15. I've started work on the prop hunt version

    I'm not done yet with the logic changes, because I must find out exactly what could work and what couldn't . Most timer based events should be removed, but I still consider firing randomly some nifty things like the laser for pure ambiance purpose.

    ON the layout side, I've started changing some things, like giving acess to the rear zone behind the capture point, with proper fence modifications. The eye candy rooms present on both side will also be opened to be usable, of course all these areas will be retextured accordingly. On the overall, I won't make prop modifications (additions or suppresions) until I get some feedback.
  16. Now I have my system running again I'll post some screen shots in a bit of what I did and what I opened. Or I could link you to the bsp so you can see for yourself?
  17. I'd prefer screens, let me see it at work and comment on them more easily.
  18. Okay I'll do it now.
  19. Alrighty, this is all I can remember doing.

    Opened up this area and fixed the displacement missing in the water which caused people to get stuck. Randomly spread some props into it:

    Some areas around the map that I removed the clipping from:

    Red spawn was just splashed with a few random props here and there:

    The 2 rooms as you come out of blue spawn I made into destructible items just for a few laughs:
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