Reserve slot bribery :-)

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by captain-pot-noodle, 3 Jun 2008.

  1. Reserve slot bribery :-)

    Lo all, I was playing on the UKCS servers this morning and I got this message {or something similar}:

    You are one of the first five people to join our server!
    Stay connected until 20 people join to win a free reserve slot!
    {then there were more instructions}

    This is obviously a good way to fill the servers in the morning, something to think about when we get reserve slots :-)
  2. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    yes it's pretty handy, had this once too.
    It lasts only as long as the server has people playing, but still nice.
  3. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    I say no, for all talking about reserves slots.. it is SO annoying.. to join a server, and see you didndt realy get the spot, becourse of that.
  4. Bun

    Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    Can't we have hidden slots, it's 24/24 for normal people, but for sponsors it's 24/26. Like hidden sponsor slots?
  5. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    There has been a lot of discussion about reserved slots among the leaders for awhile.

    Besides the concern that the required plugin might make the servers wonky, the consensus is that the clan isn't quite ready to make that leap yet anyway. But the option is on the table.

    I Am Nomad
  6. Bun

    Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    It's a good thing to make the servers fill faster though.
  7. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    But at the expense of being limited to only 31 slots (it will show up as 31/32 when full). :(
  8. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    you can set it to the normal number of players, but to connect and use a reserve slot you have to type "connect ip" in console {i think that works}

    or there is a program which you can use to join when the servers full, no idea where to get it..

    I wonder if you could connect using something like xfire?
  9. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    Please do not get reserved slots otherwise it wont be possible for us to take the Join as soon as player slot is available thing, which is extremely annoying.
  10. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    it might not help for us

    but don't start a topic for premiun users

    premium thingy, cos it not fair for the other players, I went on a server the other day where an engineer had 8 sentries.
    Medic get uber's within 20 seoncds etc....
  11. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    we wont do that ;)
    besides, i think some 24 player servers would be nice too, the CP one maybe. It's just pure spam on the 32 ones and it lags hell sometimes.
  12. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    How about Server 6 as 24 slot? And maybe dustbowl rather than CP Maps?
  13. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    cp maps is fine ;)
    means dustbowl can be played too.
  14. Re: Reserve slot bribery :-)

    Server #1 could be 24 as well, i'd say.
    I really wonna know why the hell noone wants to play on that server...
    when i feel like playing something else than dustbowl or goldrush i have to switch to:
    Weinkeller - [] which is a nice german server. (And there i have a ping of 35 and not 130)
    hmmm... pretty much off topic... ;)

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