Reserved Slots (Not any more)

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Dark, 30 May 2009.

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  1. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    oh ok what about my 1st idea?? Can't it be put at the left like the "servers", "ventrilo" and "server status" thing
  2. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Or maybe just make some amazing way to show a "title" saying donator next to whatever the player types in the chatbox.

    Makes your ego really big when titles are in use. :awesome:
  3. shadiku nyoro~n

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

  4. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    To have pointless to?
  5. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Donors can have some fancy particle effect or something :P
  6. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Yeah, makes donor spys stand out by the mile.
  7. shadiku nyoro~n

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

  8. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Here is my two pennies worth;

    Regarding Reserve Slots:

    There are pros and cons to reserve slots but overall I think that GM still has some maturing to do, before reserve slots are put in place. Someone mentioned GTFO servers, but they have been around since 2005, have a large and still growing community, dozens of server for various games and have more than one Dedi.
    So IMO the cons overthrow the pros on this matter for the time being.

    Regarding Donators extra privilages:

    This is something that could be very beneficial to GM if done correctly. First of all you want to give them a reason to donate obviously, make them feel special but don't give them something that can harm your servers or community.
    If I was a Leader/Manager/Tech Team member (whatever your calling yourself now), I would have multiple subscriptions, something along the lines of this;

    Donator ~ £2pm:
    If someone was to subscribe to this, they would get following:

    • Join a Forum Usergroup called "Donator" with a colour that stood out, and a cool and unique Rank image.
    • Access to private forums, specifically created for the subscription members.
    └ In these forums they would have access to GM News/Annoucements and so on..., before anyone else does.
    • Access to Private servers. (I know you don't have any but just an idea)
    • More Site/Forum privilages, i.e. allowed to have larger sigs/avatars, access to the Arcade, extra PM privilages.

    and so on...

    VIP ~ £4pm:
    They get all the privilages as the Donator subscription but get more so instead of getting extra PM privilages, they get unlimited.
    They get an even cooler Rank image, access to even more private forums, allowed to vote on private polls, regarding GM issues/ideas and so on....

    PowerMember ~ £6pm
    They get everything the other two get but also have the admin rights on a limited scale, on both site/forums and servers, meaning they can only kick not ban, run simple commands such as scramble teams, moderate certain forums.
    An even cooollllllllerrrrrrr Rank image and so on... you get the point.

    Now I know you have a shit load of admins/moderators already, and requesting them to give there rights/privilages up and telling them to donate/contribute to GM, in-order to gain them, is going to cause a few problems, but I think its a fair deal, you get something, they get something, its all about give and take.
    Now I know that the "PowerMember" or whatever you want to call it (if you do something like this) as quite a bit of power, so Dark, Geit and whoever the powers that be are, need to site down and get some requirements for this group/subscription.
    Although they are paying for such privilages, you aren't going to give any Tom, Dick or Harry access to this group, so the requirements could be the following:

    • Must have been a member of the GM Community for at least X months and made more than X posts.
    • Must be respected by other GM members.
    • Must have a X amount of time on the servers.

    and so on....

    This is just an idea, and if the hierarchy here agreed to do something similar to this, then I would most likely subscribe to the "PowerMember" group and not because I am a Power Monger but because you give something towards the costs of GM and you get some nice rewards back. Just think if you had 10 users subscribe to the PowerMember group thats £60 per month.

    Something like this above, can be easily setup via vBulletin, apart from the server side of things.

    Again everybody this is just an idea and I'm geussing some people wont like it, some might.

  9. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Idea above is totally awesome. :>
  10. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    We are looking towards implementing a VIP system for £5 per month. Features will include:

    - Awesome forum rank, title etc.
    - Bigger and better avatars.
    - Ingame VIP tag in your name, and automatic kicking for any impersonators.
    - Cool ingame particle effects etc.
    - (Possibly) Limited admin priviledges.
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Question.. how much does the Dedi cost per month?
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Normally it costs £140 a month, if dark finishes KCCP though, it'll only be £40 a month, and we might be able to expand to a 2nd dedi..
  13. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Hmm buying admin... Maybe give them a level 4 immunity so that they can't kick admins - just normal members? That way our "proper" admins still maintain control.

  14. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Yup, if we give out admin (and I'm still having second thoughts about it) it will be a lower immunity level.

    Also I've decided VIP access will come with complimentary Imgkk Premium :)
  15. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    How about instead of admin, give them access to some commands like changing your colour in tf2, although i do like the idea of custom skins (server sided) if needed i will make every skin for every class myself, they will only be slight modifications to the current skins, could also give donators pass for priv war server and the ability to change the map.
  16. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    AUTO BALANCE IMMUNITY!!! (Your idea just made me think of it!)

    Sounds good - the ability to change teams and having auto balance immunity would be a few things to throw in there :)

  17. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    How come we don't do the birthday thing for gm members?
  18. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)


    *calms down*
  19. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Unfortunately alternative models mean extra downloads :(
  20. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Giving someone the benefit of being able to change their colour or use a custom skin, doesn't I don't think have the WOW factor to make someone think, shit I got to donate/contribute to get that.
    Auto-balance immunity is a pretty decent idea but that alone isn't enough IMO.

    The reason I suggested limited admin privileges for the PowerMember group was I thought that the current admins of the servers would join the this group, its obvious that members who are new to the forums and servers, clearly wouldn't be trusted to have such rights, that's why I wrote them requirements.
    On another note though, if you do add admin rights, members of this group wont really be happy knowing that they contribute each month and there are certain members who have similar privileges that don't.
    So something will need to be done about, that's why I suggested demoting nearly all admins.

    I was part of a BF2 clan years back and they did a similar thing and it worked very well, they doubled there members within a few months and the members of the group that granted them admins rights all performed admirably.
    With the increase in members of which some subscribed to the group which granted them the limited admins rights, when trusted enough, that clan also nearly doubled there servers.
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