Reserved Slots (Not any more)

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Dark, 30 May 2009.

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    Im sorry but demoting all admins purely so donators get admin is the stupidest idea iv'e ever heard. You should get admin on trust not just becasue you pay for it.
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    Apex, your missing the point here, yeah Administration of servers is all about trust and should never be based on a pay per powermonger basis but for me GM has way to many admins for the amount of servers they have, now in demoting all admins and telling them that in-order to gain Administation rights, they must contribute towards the daily costs of the servers is fair and this way you found out who is serious about the community/clan and simply doesn't want to spam the admin sounds or start slapping people around the map for a laugh.
    So what your saying there to me is that your happy with your admin powers as your a trusted member of GM but when it comes to contributing towards the cost, fuck it?

    Lets say for example, that Darky decides to do a trial, where he demotes all admin, sets up the subscription, your waying that if You, Savage, Geit, Oba, Longbow and all other admins on forums side and server side, woudn't pay a small fee each month?

    I most certaily would, it helps GM and you get a little reward.
    I don't see the problem, like I wrote in a previous post, your not going to give access to such a powerful group to a n00b member!
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    +1 -- I could never see demoting our current admins, or making them pay for their positions. Our admins don't pay nor do they get paid - this way they are able to be held accountable for their actions and can be easily scrutinised if ever the need arises (without having to argue about "paying for a service" or what have you) - they only receive the powers they do by being trustworthy and competent (which is why we rarely have any problems with admin abuse).

    The admin that I would see being given out would be for things like "kick" and maybe "slap" -- but any abuse would result in an instant removal of their powers. This should be an added bonus along with auto balance immunity and perhaps a few of the other things listed above to tempt people into paying for the premium membership imho.


    EDIT: @danny - I've donated anyway - but not a lot of people can afford to pay for this kind of thing. I understand where you are coming from, but I can't see our admins being demoted - at least not if I have something to say about it.
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    Yeah I hear were your coming from Savage and what you say is fair but without mentioning names, I have been on the GM servers a few times and a couple of admins just piss about, like I said in my previous post spam admin sounds or slap a user for a laugh.
    In regards to the "but not a lot of people can afford to pay for this kind of thing." are you kidding, whatever the fee would be (which it cant be to high) anyone can afford for example £6pm surely.

    Like I've said, I have been in a similar situation where quite a few regular members who had admin rights were kicking off but in the end it worked perfectly and there servers were some of the best administrated servers on the BF scene.
    It might work for GM, it might not, the subscription process may work without the admin privileges, as at this moment in time two of the most trusted (shall I say) members are against the idea, which is fair enough.

    But I can tell you, there is no chance, any subscription service will work, with just auto-balance immunity and other small awards.
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    Maybe reserved slots aren't all that bad then. :/
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  7. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Donate system, it's like a really unbalanced see saw, it can go either way.

    I do agree GM has a little bit of a issue with having a mass of administrators but having more than enough does pay off, sometimes.

    The system danny suggested does sound very nice though, but I'd struggle to donate as Natwest is a retarded dipshit bank which bitches at me if I let my account even smell the likings of paypal.

    Plus I'd be breaching paypals TOS (which I don't think many people care about). :awesome:
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    Dark, u could just write up a few words on the MOTD page about donating to keep the server running, you get a few donations :)

    also you could do something like this on the MOTD page

    this month cost £40/£60, £20 more needed

    top 10 donator

    1. Bob
    2. Zack
    3. Joe
    4. Gordon

    and keep the full list of everyone who donate in url: etc
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  9. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    VIP idea is cool

    I'd pay for it if it wasn't so hefty.

    Typical buisness question:

    What is better, less people paying for something more expensive, or more people paying for something quite cheap. ;)
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Current Administrators(20);
    I Am Nomad

    Current servers: 7

    Admins per server: 3 (2.9)


    Edgegamers organisation(TF2 Division.)

    Current Admins: 620

    Current servers: 8

    Admins per server: 78 (77.5)


    Ok, it's not the best comparison, but it's a comparison none-the-less, I know and trust every one of our admins, we don't have that many, more often than not i see our admins summoned to other servers to deal with problem.

    Anyway, our admins do a great job, so we won't be dropping any, they contribute their time, not their money.
  11. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    When I was at school I got no pocket money because we were so poor (I know - cry me a river before anyone puts that) -- I had a paper round (for a while anyway before the shop shut down) which got me £6 a week and there was no way I could afford to pay £1.50 of that per week just so that I could get my admin back. Not everyone is privileged enough to have a lot of money to splash out on luxuries -- as well as the fact that not everyone has paypal; but that's another story.

    As for the admins – not all of them are online all of the time and having approximately 3 per server is about right if you ask me. As we get more servers going we will need more admins to remain in balance and always know that there is an admin on call if ever they are needed.

    I don’t know what else to suggest really – limited admin could work out if it was carefully monitored and rules set in place, but I do agree that without having some sort of benefit then there would be very little insentive to donate… Oh well – any more suggestions?

  12. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Well, for me the biggest problem with donating would be PayPal, i hate that service :/

    Maybee a direct transfer on a special GM bank account ?! £10 (11,5411 € - luv the low £, £10 used to be ~€15 ^^) per month -for example- wouldnt be that much imo .... never transfered money to another country, have to speak with my bank first if that action costs.

    But Paypal !? Never ever again ......
  13. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    @up: PayPal is cool <3
  14. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Ye, kewl as swine flu >_>
  15. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    Paypal has been fine to me, been using it since 2006, no problems at all. and they dont charge you for withdrawing money(limit to £500 i think) nor sending to other accounts. country to country either, it just take longer to prcess the funds.
    What i know is that you get charged a small fee if you selling something via paypal(ebay etc)

    I know some people had bad experience with paypal. :S

    I just guess Im a lucky one ^^
  16. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    I must be the limited minority then. :awesome:

    Can you please, please please PLEASE. Add maybe 2 ways of donating though.
    Like I stated before Natwest and paypal hate each other, spyko found that out as well and 2 weeks after telling me about it, I got 2 very nice letters from the bank of retardation demanding my paypal account to be closed or they will close my account.
  17. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    I donno much about other ones beside paypal.

    Google CheckOut

    dark could add some items like:
    £5 package
    £10 package

    and pay via google, i guess everyone gonna have to sign up for gmail. or dark can at least add that for gmailers :mmmhmm:
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    That's a pretty decent argument Geit, and sounds like the case is closed. But it looks like (according to the first post) GM is trying to find some way of taking the financial strain off Dark, now Reserve slots sound great but in practice there crap.
    I recommended the subscription service, as I have been part of a large clan that did something similar and it worked amazingly well and the whole community benefited. Another good thing about a subscription service is that members have the choice to choose a subscription that best suits them or not subscribe at all.

    Now I understand Savage and Apex's point of view, Administration of the servers should be based on trust and that's why I said only trusted members of GM should be allowed to subscribe to the "PowerMember" group.
    Your line saying "they contribute their time, not their money." very well put, but clearly there time is not enough, Savage has already said that he has donated so I fail to understand, why current admins wouldn't do the same. You say you are happy with the amount of server admins GM currently has, which is 20, if all of these were to subscribe to the "PowerMember" thats £120pm, nearly enough for another Dedi, which would mean more servers for more games like BF2142, CoD:MW and so on..., which would definetly mean an increase in members and a better community.
    Now some admins may not like the idea of having to pay a monthly fee, so they can keep there admin rights, but like I have already said, if they don't like, what does that tell you.
    You could, give all current admins of the servers/forums a discount ?
    Another good idea that could come from something like is, when you get some new members, who become regulars, something like the PowerMember group, could be something they work towards and when they get into the group, they know they have achieved something in this community, know they are a valued member and get a sense of grattiude.
    Like I have said numerous times, I have seen something like this before work very very well for a gaming community/clan and I can't see why it wouldn't work for GM, if your serious about this community and mature enough, it will work.

    Regarding you list of server admins, aren't some of them on there, no longer with GM ?
    Also that comparision is worthless really, I have been playing online games (PC side) for well over 10years and been part of a load of clans/guilds and one of the main reasons, I've found that clans/guilds part ways is always about the disagreements between admins. Now it's human nature that there will always be someone you don't like or don't get on with, wheather its in school, workplace and sometimes even friends of friends, the same goes for admin colleges, so the more users you have with admin rights, the more disagreements and arguments.
    That amount of admins may work for EdgeGamers, there actually a division of the Edge Magazine so they have a lot of backing, but seeing as most of the main dudes here are still young, thats why I say you have to many, not because you are immmature, but you will make the odd mistake like the incident that took place when Dark was away.
    You have lost some of your most serior members in the last few months, like IamNomad, Disco, TH, Drew and Piss who balanced everything out.

    The admins do, do a good job, there's no question about that.
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    Look i say we should try the VIP thing with whatever the leaders decide (i think a VIP custom skin would help, there will only be 2 sets of skins blue/red skin so i don't see a problem with downloading it since it will only be needed to be downloaded once). If that doesn't get enough money and GM is really desperate then try something more extreme. GM is now a fun community not a match clan so lets try and keep it that way with fun VIP bonuses.
  20. Re: Reserved Slots (Not any more)

    I really doubt something like that Apex would work honestly and get some money coming in.
    Well I am not saying any more on this, I have put the idea out there, its now up to the leaders to discuss it.
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