[Respawn] Another chance...

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  1. [Respawn] Another chance...

    Little plugin (atm 143 string including spaces) created by me, let me explain what it does.
    [​IMG](note this screenshot is old)
    UPDATED to 1.5.1

    Tool/plugin/feature that allow Zombie Master to spawn dead players.
    Usage - "!respawn" - to pop up menu.
    Survivors can make them selves unrespawnable by plugin if they want, by default you are respawnable.
    Zombiemaster can choose too (but he can't respawn himself, lol), can toggle autorespawns, can respawn everyone once, can respawn single person is menu (select).
    Notice you will not be able respawn player who don't want to spawn via this plugin.
    Note: Translations, it's current translations which dedi use.

    To-do list:
    1. Possibility to give survivors weapon at spawn. (Again ZM choose it)
    2. Suggetions?

    Tom Hackers - main code.
    ProStyle592 - help with translation, english. Many thanks. :D
    370 strings.

    P.s. I will post the final version (with source code, atm .sp is on dedi in scripting folder) when i will finish my to-do list.
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    I made a explaining of the new zombie master, sorry I did it before seeing this topic.
  3. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    I guess it's all okey, coz my plugin is server side and special server feature...
  4. gig

    Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    while this is a good thing, what confuses me is why the zombie master should have control over it since it's his goal to kill them all :roll:
  5. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    Why not? It make game bit more different, also notice that it make harder zombie master to win. And well, if you died by stupid way, and round will not end soon, zombie master can give you another chance and you will take fun, both.
  6. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    Updated (check first post)
    1. Menu
    2. Ability to disallow zm respawn you.
    And such...
  7. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    Updated again, all menu's now are dynamic + everything is translatable...
  8. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    New translation file!

    The same other things, just text has being corrected.

    Download at:

    Greetz, ProStyle592.
  9. Re: [Respawn] Another chance...

    Look's good, thx, uploaded.

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