rickroll.pl - Guess what?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yuuki, 2 Jan 2009.

  1. rickroll.pl - Guess what?

    Wow, i've just found my old generator :D
    I don't have access to the server right now, because my memory for long passwords is sh*t ;)
    However, there you go:

    Sorry for my english, ouch :(

    E: Also i own this domain - http://rickrolld.pl/
  2. Re: rickroll.pl - Guess what?

    Esh, chill mate. I said that it's old service :)
    Check out video on this website:
    http://pbgamestudios.com/games.html (I'm not web-developer, so please :( )

    We're working on it right now. Current beta is slightly different.
  3. Re: rickroll.pl - Guess what?


    check this out


    you might wanna close the other tabs first. (i warn u guys)

    it owns! :P
  4. Re: rickroll.pl - Guess what?

    I can disable javascript ;]
  5. Re: rickroll.pl - Guess what?

    :D enable it, and see..

    mine is disabled by default :P
  6. Re: rickroll.pl - Guess what?

    Boredom. :D

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