Routing FTW

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Myke, 15 Jun 2008.

  1. Routing FTW

    i was alway wondering why i have such a bad ping on our servers.
    now i know:
    they route me cross nomad's land.
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    Re: Routing FTW


    Great: Another reason to hate Nomad's Land! :oops: As if our President weren't enough!!

    Obama for US President - FTW :lol:
  3. Re: Routing FTW

    There are assholes everywhere, no matter which country. America has just too much influence so that the assholes are well known assholes. ^^

    Obama FTW indeed.
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    Is it true that they route you from AUSTRIA to AMERICA then back to UK then AUSTRIA agen? :?

    or is this a joke? :)

    [center:3fvhwo9j]He will be a president! :D


    BUSH must go! :evil:[/center:3fvhwo9j]
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  5. Re: Routing FTW

    actually they route me: austria > sweden > usa > uk
    and no it's no joke.
    At my girlfriends place they route me directly through netherland to uk.
    i have a ping of 60 there and 125 at home.
  6. Bun

    Re: Routing FTW

    Where do you see that? o.O
  7. Re: Routing FTW

    webtool that combines traceroute with googlemaps.
  8. Re: Routing FTW

    Woot my packets never leave the UK when communicating with our dedi :D


    Although how the packets get from Belfast to Manchester remains a mystery :lol:

    BTW, the site is for anyone that wants to try :P
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  9. Re: Routing FTW

    I <3 my trace route!! I HATE MY WIRELESS F*CKING NETWORK

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  10. Re: Routing FTW

    sorry Bun, i wanted to post the link but somehow forgot ^^
  11. Bun

    Re: Routing FTW

    Why the hell does it need to go to USA then back?! :O

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  12. Re: Routing FTW

    So you have the same problem than i have. It's called: Stockholm Lan :evil:
  13. Re: Routing FTW

    Oh my, 100 ping FTL..

    E: Oh! And what the hell is with the routing through Switzerland? :lol:

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  14. Re: Routing FTW

    Switzerland have fast internet; lucky gits lol ^^
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    Aargh.. I'm so going to get an axe and a shovel and get the copper wiring changed from our house! :lol:
    Can't get anything faster than 1mb/512kb because of the shitty wiring from the 50's.
    Pinged the GM dedicated from my sis' place, twice the speed, half the ping.. :cry:
  16. Re: Routing FTW

    :lol: the 50's

    you should make a complaint to your ISP then ;)

    mine on stays in UK too :D

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  17. Re: Routing FTW

    i get a fuckin syntax error and have to kill firefox.exe manually.
  18. Re: Routing FTW

    try IE 7, my firefox froze, so i tried IE7, it works ;)
  19. Re: Routing FTW

    i dont let ie7 on my system :lol:
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    I only use it when some websites are fcuked up on firefox :x

    try another browser then ;)



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