Rules on ZPS

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    Rules on ZPS

    Just wondering...often when I go on the ZPS server people there are completely unaware that there are any rules on there, much less that apply to them. I can understand this, since other than the GM server name, there's no indication that they are not allowed to behave like idiots.

    Being residents of the internets, as evil is their wont, they take advantage of this to the greatest extent that they can; teamkilling, mic spamming, griefing, swearing, shouting, starting fights, the question is, is there a way to get an MOTD on ZPS, like the one we have on the tf2 servers that shows (edited, perhaps) rules that apply to the zps server? I think this would at least give us some grounding to be able to tell people to read the rules, rather than them just having to take our word for it.

    There has also been some discussion about whether the no swearing rule is necessary on there, considering that the characters sometimes swear in their own way when you taunt. I consider that the 'no swearing' rule is just as necessary, perhaps more so, as on tf2. It's not just to maintain the innocence of any poor kiddies that might have found their way into our horrible world so young, but because despite complaints to the contrary, people do take offence at it, and this starts fights over other things, such as race, gender, age etc. becuase people respond with ill intent.

    Anyway, thank you for wasting some time reading this, I'm interested to hear your opinions :D
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    motd is no problem i guess. Still, if we were as hard as on the tf2 servers, about 1/2 of the players on ZPS would already stand on the ban list.

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