Scout update idea.

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  1. Scout update idea.

    Well, since Valve said they want to make him more useful in db/gr, I've thought of something that would make him more useful in those maps, but also in matches.
    The idea is an 'evasion' button. It works like the spies cloak, it's depleted after two uses and slowly recharges, picking up ammo makes it recharge. Basically this would add a secondary fire to all the scout's weapons, which would allow shots to go through him for one second or so.
    Therefore it wouldn't be easy to time, so some skill is required, and this would help the scout get through chokepoints on the db and gr.
    As an animation the 'Double Team' attack from pokemon could be used.
    Scout should still be able to fire while using this, he can only use it twice so it doesn't make it overpowered.
    Also in matches this wouldn't give him that much of an advantage, since, if going for the medic, after it's over he'll probably instantly die, and a second isn't enough to get to the medic and kill him.
    NOTE: This wouldn't replace a weapon, it would work like the pyro's airblast.
    Well, give your thoughts, if they're positive I'll post it on the steam forums. :)
  2. Th-

    Re: Scout update idea.

    Nice ideas... both of them. I like. That double team thing is brilliant... play those mind games and freak the enemy out "ARGH 4 scouts run for your lives..." I have no idea how hard the double's programming of AI would be to do, if its meant to say, somehow mimic the players movement style or something. And how much health should the duplicate(s) have? Maybe something like 30-50? What do you think?

    Also the evasion is an awesome idea. I think it should be a little longer than a second, like maybe 2-3 and definitely unable to fire during it. Could you elaborate more? Is there something else to these you haven't told us yet?
  3. Re: Scout update idea.

    Hey Th, thanks for the reply.
    I think you misinterpreted a bit, the double team thing would only be used as an animation to show the other team that the scout is evading.
    As in, two scouts to the left and right (or one) fading in and out of the main scout. It's hard to explain, I've looked for a picture but couldn't find one quickly. If you've ever watched pokemon, that's what I mean, in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lucario can do it as well.
    Although I think the actual double-teamed scouts would be amazing, I think programming it is near impossible, if not completely.
    If you make the invincibility (which is basically what the evasion is) last two to three seconds, making the scout unable to fire, would I think be easier, but have less potential, allow me to explain.
    Imagine a scout on dustbowl, red team, 1st point is capped. The scout tries to run to the 1st CP (which BLU has already) through the left tunnel. His team controls the left side tunnel up to the area where the half-health pack and ammo packs are.
    Now it results in this: scout runs into the small corridor- and gets face rocketed/naded instantly. With the one second and being able to fire thing he would be able to let the rocket/nade go through him, and get into the face of the solly/demoman, doing a lot of damage. It get's him out of the corridor into the open area safely, but then he is still required to have the skills to take out anything in the area out, bad scouts will just get facepwnd like they are now once in the area, and probably even when trying to dodge the rockets :). If you give them two to three seconds, but not the ability to fire, the scout will also get into the open area safely and do the same. The reason why I personally would prefer my way, is that it's more useful in matches as well. Scout goes for a soldier, soldier fires a rocket, if the scout has good, near to perfect even, timing he can run through the shot. Of course three seconds would create new tactics as well. (scout 'evades', jumps onto spire in badlands without getting airshot, gets onto the CP, 1v1 with solly on even terms) It wouldn't need to block the ability to cap either, invincible scout on last CP for three seconds, but unable to fire, is no problem.

    Thanks again for the ideas Th :)

    EDIT: For the three second version of this idea: make it so that the scout, if he shoots while evading, the evasion aspect dissapears instantly(makes it useful in more situations)
  4. Re: Scout update idea.

    I [strike:33py117h]hate[/strike:33py117h] love this idea to make scouts [strike:33py117h]easier[/strike:33py117h] twice as hard for me to needle in matches. Seriously though it's ace - I have this suggestion though: make it a simulacrum of the scout which exactly mimics his movements and is essentially invincible until the 1-3 seconds wears off. However make it so the simulacrum will not mimic firing animations and so the actual scout remains the same r.e. health and being invincible-wise, so that observant enemies will be able to work out what the shits going on and respond to it Sentries by default should shoot the simulacrum, giving the scout a soft counter to the sentry. This would also prevent the scout getting a crazy boost in competitive play - it's already the most dangerous class and giving it something that makes it invincible for a few seconds would unbalance things a bit too much.

    Oh, and:
    I beg to differ :) Get caught from behind by a decent scout and it's all over before you can do anything about it, however suicide rushes to force uber/frag an injured medic aren't usually that effective if you've got decent soldiers protecting you - having a second or so of invincibility would mean medics getting double-raped by enemies their soldiers cannot counter. SO - I would prefer something along the lines of what I wrote in the first paragraph, plus it allows for a bunch of insulting new sound-bytes of the scout telling everyone how stupid they are...
  5. Re: Scout update idea.

    No no no no no, there are NO actual other models of the scout running around. It's just an anim and the way I see it, it will be clear to everyone that it's just one scout using his skill. I'll try to find a picture of Lucario in Brawl using his skill, it gives a good impression of what I mean.
    Few seconds of invincibility + medic raping = not the idea. Either a few seconds, but no ability to attack, or half a second with the ability to shoot, to let rockets for instance go through the scout. This would make him stronger but only if the player is awesome at timing the skill, like a pyro trying to deflect but requiring even better timing (timing the reflects at near-to point blank is extremely hard already this would be even harder)
    My signature is a nice way to see how it would be used. At this time I press mouse2 and rocket flies through me, thus making me take no damage from it. As you can see however, a split second later on the timing and I'm reduced to loose organs :)

    EDIT: Here's a picture: Lucario (blue thing to the left) is roughly doing what I mean the scout to do, and Ike isn't hitting him :)

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