Sins of a Solar Empire

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Vendetta, 29 Jan 2009.

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    Sins of a Solar Empire

    I finally bit the bullet and I have this game for myself, well ordered so will be here for friday, tonight I'm trying the Dawn of war Beta

    but does anyone fancy sins over the weekend, would be great if we could get a massive game going!
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    I bought this a month back - it's okay. But that's it. Okay. I don't like the combat or the way you build structures / research and the fact you can't design your own ships takes half of the fun away. Back to Moo2 tbh.
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    I've had it for quite a while now -- It was good for a while, but just like every RTS that I get it consumed my life and I didn't want to stop until I won... This means that after playing it for the third time past the point of it getting light again outside I've placed it into a cupboard where it shall stay until I feel the need to take over the universe again... :shock:

    Still quite a lot of fun though -- the whole approach wasn't bad -- it's defiantly worth a look imo :)
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    Ooo havnt heard of that one, just took a quick peek.... seems complicated Oo looks swish tho

    DoW2 looks pretty good with combat more based off unit/hero gameplay than structures. Prob ganna get it along with Starcraft 2
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    I actually really liked playing DoW and the expansions, great fun, although, without the cutscenes, EXTREMELY repetitive once you're used to all the units. I haven't played it multiplayer.
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    DoW1 was great online :D

    I'll probably get DoW2 once it's released, if I have enough spare money in Paypal :)

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