So how was GM formed?

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  1. So how was GM formed?

    Well actually I used to play for around December last year, FM clan.

    I then moved onto the GL (Gaming Legends) clan for a short while. It was myself, spitfire (left), terrible(left), mextor, bun, alpha, bamm(left), waebi, acid absinth and others who were in GL.

    As time went past we felt the leader of GL wasn't doing much for the clan and we did all the hard work for him.

    We decided to leave GL (as there was no real progression) and we (actually it was also alpha who thought of the name) decided to reform into GamingMasters.

    We originally had TF2 servers provided by spitfire but then he left...and now the servers are entirely run from donations. Most notably donations from protantus, zero, nomad and others.

    This is basically how GM started...I didn't expect it to come this far so we are very glad to see how it turned out! :o So yes, I was kinda forced into leading this clan :o

    But as I say, GM would be nothing without everyone's support, it really is a team effort.
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    how i got in... well, thats the best part :D
    Well i was skywalking with a mate on dustbowl, building sentries and stuff, and Core didnt banz0r us... your fault mate :P
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    *Bans Waebi for skywalking...*


    I believe I have a deputy to be :ugeek:
  4. Bun

    Re: So how was GM formed?

    I thought we took the name from Gaming Legends but changed Legend to Masters? :s
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    I'm just one big :?:
  6. Bun

    Re: So how was GM formed?

    :?: :!:
  7. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: So how was GM formed?

    Couldn't this be in general, so people can see it? :D or is something similar on the main webby somewhere?
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: So how was GM formed?

    Well, here's the story of how I got into Gaming Masters...

    On stardate 3211.7, the USS Enterprise was on a routine inspection of an unmanned station at Gamma II. I stepped into the ship's transporter to beam down, but suddenly, I vanished before the transporter could be activated. I appeared in a fenced-in arena on an unknown planet. I was surrounded by nine humanoids of various species who each attacked me with a different type of weapon. I fired my phaser, but the phaser was useless. I was given a new weapon of enormous heft, and it was very effective.

    The humanoid combatants continued to attack, but then a black-cloaked man appeared, ended the battle and congratulated me on my performance. The being identified himself as Core, Gaming Master of Dustbowl, and that he works for the "Servers", unseen masters who provide game scenarios. He informs me that I will spend the rest of my life as a Gaming Master, having been chosen to fight for the master's entertainment. I was fitted with a metal collar that delivered severe pain if I disobeyed instructions, and was then led to my holding cell, where I found other Gaming Masters waiting for the next scenario.

    The Enterprise still hasn't returned for me.

    I Am Nomad
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    How I got into the clan ? Well that's a funny story

    On a one good summer day, I was bored and went to TF2. Found some random server and played alot, then the server crashed and I was the first to return again, then came Core. We talked a bit and I asked if I could join the clan, Core added me as friend and told me to join the other server (gave me the IP and I didn't know how to join haha) but in the end I managed to join. He said if I were on top 3, 3 rounds in a row I would be able to join.

    Guess what, I did. I joined the clan and was nothing but trouble (porn avatars, sprays etc) and Briton didn't like it and threatened to kick me from the clan so I stopped. Then few weeks later, I got an group invitation and everyone was there except Briton ofcourse. We talked for some while and in the end some members decided to form a new clan (Me, core, zero, bamm, darki and few others) so the rest was kicked. We started by deciding a name (which I came up with) and then we left the GL clan for good.

    Next we decided to be a serious clan so Core bought a domain for web and then Darki made this awesome look, then next core tried to host his own server which didn't go so well . Then Spitfire wanted to join back which led to chaos, so he was out of the story. Next we got some donations and bought a dedi (2 servers) and everything went well, then we got a big donation from Protantus so we bought this dedi we use now.

    This clan is very, very popular and over 65.000 people have played on our server and we have over 50 members !

    Hehe yeah that's mostly the story about this clan...
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    lol Alpha couldn't have put it better :lol:
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    Damn it man you read fast ;)

    I can't connect to steam for some reason so yeah ...
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    Haha yeah also

    I never made an application, neither for joining or admin
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    because you are so mean to everyone.
    *kills Al's rights* :D
  14. Re: So how was GM formed?

    Ehem not sure I got that one

    What do you mean ?
  15. Re: So how was GM formed?

    well since you are so mean to everyone, you got the rights, and i just pwnz0rd them.

  16. Re: So how was GM formed?

    but yeah I won't forget waebi's griefing on the db server :lol:
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    agreed, was epic. My mate and me put each one a lvl 3 SG up there, and teleporters :D
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    still not getting what you mean

    How and to whom am I mean?
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    If I remember correctly, I was about to throw the banhammer ;)
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    I think I was playing on the GL servers or the UKCS servers in January this year and Core come along, he was playing alot on those servers and he add me as a friend. and we were chatting along, then he told me about this clan "GM", i just signed up straight away :P

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