So New PH server?

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Vork, 13 Oct 2009.

  1. So New PH server?

    I see there is a new server(they failed on numbering it's the 6th prop server) but how come a 20 slot server comes into existence before a 32 slot one(multiple people offering 32 slot ones).
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    Re: So New PH server?

    Ok.. There's been about 8 different offerings of servers in the last.. what, 3 days? The 20 slot server likely asked Dark first, and thus is set up alot quicker. Prophunt wont run on linux servers, only windows servers, this rules out a huge majority of who can have one.

    Dark will get around to everyone, give him time, he's from northern ireland ffs..
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    Re: So New PH server?

    today's announcement on the official prophunt steamgroup:

    /\linux =D
  4. Re: So New PH server?

    No, the #5 that you see in the server name is because it is the fifth Hampshire Heavies server, and nothing to do with the amount of PropHunt servers there are.

    I am sure you will get your turn when the time is right.
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    Re: So New PH server?

    You have no idea how hard it is to keep up with the demand for new servers, I can only do one or two a day, and I normally pick the ones that will be most beneficial from a development viewpoint. HH was picked because it's Linux and english, and we wanted to get everything working under it for once. I'll get around to you in due course, also could you PM your request, i'll forget it if it's not in my inbox.

    More around the 15~25 region, I can't be bothered to count them, but there's alot, and I've given up on doing them First come - First serve. Yet again your wrong (And I'm fairly sure i've said this to you before), Prophunt works fine on Linux, it's very hard for a plug-in to become OS-Specific, the extensions on the other hand have different offsets based on OS. Until yesterday, we had a problem with Dukehacks (Damage functions), but we came up for a solution for it, which means it works on Linux exactly like it does on Windows now.

    I do the server applications mostly, Dark is too busy doing other things, as always.
  6. Re: So New PH server?

    Oh btw never said I was looking to host on a server(don't run one). I only play on the servers and map so ya :P
  7. Re: So New PH server?

    Ok this makes a lot of sense. I sent Dark a PM about wanting to host one myself (I'd still like to but I'm patient), and it's good to see an explanation as to why servers aren't popping up at a faster rate.
  8. Re: So New PH server?

    Also any PMs sent to me about prophunt servers are forwarded straight to geit :P

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