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    I was thinking and i think that all the people in the teams(mainly but ALSO all the people in the clan) should have IRC and Ventrilo

    Mainly if you want to play matches at all or PUG's but also if you want to use the IRC for a chat platform, it can be very useful and i want less steam group chat and more IRC chat.

    But yeah i think these 2 pieces of software should be a must for anyone that wants to play matches or PCWs (Practice clan wars)

    (Anyone that knows of any other IRC ones that dont give you the annoying messages at the start feel free to post them.)

    (IRC is useful for PCW's because its an easy platform to find clans on etc.)

    For everyone that gets IRC please join #gamingmasters (click it and it will open up IRC :) thank you pissmidget).

    These 2 pieces of software, in my opinion, should be manditory for all clan members but i doubt that will ever happen so all you active people get it

    And PUGs are VERY and i mean VERY good for training. Especially personal skill. To be honest even if you just want to get more kills on PUBs (public servers such as our dustbowl and goldrush ones etc) or if you want to improve your rank. PS if anyone wants a hand with setting up IRC add me on friends: [GM'F] eoN^

    Ventrilos pritty easy and even if you DONT have a mic (which i also think should be manditory at least for matches) you should either go buy one (not a cheap one spend at least £10 on it also there are some good head phones wiht detachable mics so you can use the headphones for your MP3 etc) or just use vent to listen because if your the only one not listening you wont stand a chance, trust me you wont be much help to your team either to be honest. (no offense intended to anyone, im speaking from experience in PUGs etc)

    Okay i think thats about it all summed up give me a add if you need help :)

    (Fs i spend about 20 mins typing this and its hardly anything :'()
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    Re: Software

    Thanks spyko and yeah i love IRCs simplicity to, maybe darki could rub off some of his programming shizzel onto it :P

    Wow... just noticed how dirty that sounds ROFL! :lol: 8-)
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    *cough cough*
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    Srs, there's a link on the front page...
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    Re: Software

    First posted edited :)
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    BTW, if you use Firefox, I strongly recommend you that you use Chatzilla - it offers everything most people need without the complications and bloat of mIRC. :P
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    Re: Software

    Personally i prefer to have all the programs separate, saves one breaking the other then in turn breaking the other etc.
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    Re: Software

    You never have to pay for IRC just click continue continue continue and the messages go away :)
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    Re: Software

    No after the trial just keep clicking continue ^^ still works ive had it for i think 55 days or somin
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    i've just bought it. Not that expensive. XChat is for free afaik.
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    mIRC is own.

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