Some guidelines?

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  1. Some guidelines?

    Well, as i wrote in the welcome wagon, i am completely new to TF2.
    I've been playing prop hunt a bit and its really fantastic but i got curious what else TF2 has to offer nowdays.

    Kind of feel sorry i havent got the game earlier when the servers were probably more populated..

    I see GM dont host ctf or tdm. All the ctf servers i tried were either empty or mostly filled with bots.

    So id like to know which mods and communities are the most active lately?
    Which servers do you suggest for a newcomer?
    Are default valve mods still played or did the mojority move towards custom mods with custom maps?

    Thanks! :D
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Dustbowl at #3 is rather popular and a fun way to get into TF2, the IP is:
    Or if you want CTF, our DoubleCross sever is rather popular, IP is:
    And finally, Balloon Race almost always has people on it and can be a blast, you can find it at:
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I'll definetly try them out. ^^

    And may i ask, why is it just one ctf map over again? Why not have some shuffle or votemenu like on ph server?
  4. Soul explosion maniatic

    I think mainly because people usually hate ctf

    why? lots of reasons. Main reason: after playing it an hour or less you get bored like hell as there is no change of gameplay at all. Well that's what I think.

    If you want to have a good time on tf2 i recomend a lot dustbowl as for teams change and being on the offense is not the same as being on defense.

    just personal opinion D:
  5. all stock cp and pl maps are worth playin .... try them out
  6. I played ctf yesterday and since im newb, seeing all the classes was interesting enough by itself. But i can understand what you mean by repetetive gameplay.

    Thing is, i used to play lots of ctf in UT or quake, but it didnt get so monotonous because of the constant change of maps.

    I will try payload and that cp mod next for sure, looks really great.
    Thanks for the tip!
  7. Doublecross isn't bad if you're willing to deal with 5 faggotry snipers per team and a bridge full of spam. Think of it as 2Fort lite, except if you fall off the bridge you die instead of taking a swim.
    Sawmill isn't as bad as the others but the intel rooms get locked tight. Well is decent if you can find a server running it. There's a crap load of awesome looking CTF maps on Fps 'nana.

    If you can find a decent rtd server with present drops it makes CTF a lot less boring and a whole lot more fun. I've been trying to find a decent randomizer server for such a long time.

    Spambowl is ass imo. It used to suck pretty bad but since the Demo/Solly update, it sucks even more then before. Failload is more boring then anything else.
  8. Yes because prop hunt is soo much better than any other gamemode...
  9. Poxie Ray-Banned

    5 CP maps. GOGOGO.
  10. More fun then holding M1 as a Demo/Soldier.
  11. Spykodemon Disabled account

    I'd rather hold M1 as a Demo/Soldier on normal TF2 instead burning an invisible scout to death who is parented to a prop somewhere on a map.

    Killing people in TF2 is so easy, how can you NOT do it? It's all about the gamesense, not aim. (lol Daf)
  12. what apex,spyko and poxie said!

    try add some of the ppl from the forum at steam, some of them are actually still playin tf2 though there are more and more other games (bc2,mw2)
    also add our servers to your fav's and pop on them if there are ppl playin ...

    maybe a little thing i did when i started to play, i started with playin engi and medic just because you can easier look how others play ...

    any questions? :)
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    Just one...
    Why do you allways get drunk?
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    I'd stop if I was you...
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    That's what she said?

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