Some handy autohotkey scripts

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  1. Some handy autohotkey scripts

    To make our many administration tasks easier, I have written three simple (ish :P) Autohotkey (best simple macro + gui language ever imho) scripts, which are:

    • Match server loader - starts match server and automatically applies the appropriate SM and ETF2L configurations (this can't be done through standard config files as addons are loaded later).[/*:m:1s4882bw]
    • HLstatsX daemon - automatically restarts HLstatsX if it encounters an error with protection against spawning multiple processes of it.[/*:m:1s4882bw]
    • SRCDS loader - automatically sets the right process priority and restarts the server if it terminates. Also keeps all the command lines together in one easily edited file.[/*:m:1s4882bw]

    I'm sure the average member is thinking "What the hell is this guy talking about this in a public forum for?" Well basically I'm just letting everyone know that we now have reliable automated protection against crashes in place. So no more dead HLstatsX / servers :D (hopefully :P)
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    Roger that :D
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    I Am Nomad.
    You Are God.
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    Oh and I added a feature to the server loader so the SRCDS windows can be fully hidden (not just minimised) until needed, which might save on a bit of cpu power needed to render the text to them.

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