Some Improvements

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  1. Some Improvements

    It's been a while since I made any actual improvements, rather than just fixing bugs or doing maintenance, but I finally found time to change a few things: :)

    • In TF2, DarkiSock will now hopefully (untested) show the server name and player name in "achievement green" (not the annoying bright green), while ZPS (which only offers white or bright green) will remain the same.[/*:m:udnnovjj]
    • The DarkiSock IRC bot has now been updated to support Quakenet's new way of ending the MOTD (it previously wasn't detecting the MOTD end and therefore wasn't attempting to join #gamingmasters). There is still a pretty serious bug causing it to not receive any messages from the socket server, which I will look into tomorrow.[/*:m:udnnovjj]
    • All TF2 servers should now have transparent reserved slots (no wasted slots) for all admins of any level.[/*:m:udnnovjj]
    • Imported GeoLiteCity database so the Google Maps and flags in HLStatsX should start working again soon. :) [/*:m:udnnovjj]
    • Fixed some bugs and changed some things in the DarkiSock sourcemod plugin.[/*:m:udnnovjj]

    I am also working on a brand new HLStatsX sig mod, which I will be releasing soon :)
  2. Re: Some Improvements

    Bear in mind that Darki spends hours, days even weeks scripting and programming the servers.

    All he actually asks for is respect and complement instead of people like GM'F Bun sh*tting over it like everything else.
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Some Improvements

    I'm not sure what this means.
    If a server is full, and an admin wants to join, what happens?
  4. Bun

    Re: Some Improvements

    I said Darkisucks one time, I realise the offense this may have caused and will now behave myself...

    PS. Please remove Darkisock from the match server as it makes us look like goons when we're playing serious games and people from ZPS are complaining about stuff - it's useful on the other servers but there's no need for it on teh seriouz match serv0r.

    (Edited by Piss to show Bun how nice, sensible people who like being able to play on the GM servers behave...)
  5. Re: Some Improvements

    good job dark, and what about that melee thingy? or is it still in testing?

    yea that "" thingy keeps popin up every 5 mins.

    bad bun, bad! :evil:
  6. Re: Some Improvements

    I think u must edit ur post where u quoted bun old post :D
  7. Re: Some Improvements

    Instead of swearing at Bun and pouring fuel on a fire you should have said something constructive or not said anything at all. Anyway you quoted Bun in your post so if people want to read it they can read it there kthx. Hopefully my edit will make Bun realise that even I am getting a little weary of his flippant comments which are actually quite hurtful to those at whom they are directed - yes Bun, darkisock shouldn't be on the match server: just say that then, point made, well done, no more drama...
  8. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Some Improvements

    Good work Darki! :mrgreen:

    What will be changed?
    Since "only" HLstats is reset and upgrade to version 1.4 (?), correct?
  9. Bun

    Re: Some Improvements

    Sorry about that, was 8 in the morning and hadn't go to sleep. But yeah, basicly that ^
  10. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    And i dont really see why you see the need to flame Bun... This post right here has nothing to do with him if you have a problem with him take it up with him dont flame him on forums...

    The reason why i wanted the "warning system" implemented is this...

    Also Spyko don't flame people either, it just makes you look like a stuck up kid.


    Also if you want F and E to use the GM "Serious match server" for ETF2L you need to do a few things:

    [*]remove Darkisocks from it (this goes without saying but id say COMPLETELY remove it from the match server so that the match server is completely seperate from all the other GM servers.
    [*]Remove all the SM mod crap and voting stuff, use the freaking RCON for a match server no mods.

    PS. If any of you little whiny kids want to flame me that's what PM's are for, fs, its even got a wee fire icon for it so stfu and go flame in clan chat if you want GM to have ANY reputation of having nice members...
  11. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Some Improvements

    *sigh* I agree with eoN; while it was rather passive-agressive in its nature, it was a flame just the same. Alpha, I think you're smart enough to know that your post would have provoked Bun and started something here.

    I would give you a warning, except that I ran into this: "You tried to manage a user with founder status. Only founders are allowed to manage other founders."

    I Am Nomad
  12. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    Im going to quote this until someone actually does it...

    EDIT: Also fixing the lag would be quite helpful to... :roll:
  13. Re: Some Improvements

    eoN you want to know why Dark is so pissed at Bun ?

    That means when he turned warmode off darkisock and all other plugins enabled. There's only one TF2 file with all the servers (to make it easier manage updates, addons and configs etc.) so there's nothing he can do.

    And yeah nomad I'll give myself a warning for that, but bun I've seen it doses of times that you say "Darkisuck". It may seem funny in your mind but it really isn't.
  14. Bun

    Re: Some Improvements

    Ahem, that is why it is still on when we play mixes sometimes?
  15. Re: Some Improvements

    Problem solved.

    Just get someone to rcon "exec automatch" and it will be fine until the next server restart. :)

    Also, I have added the vote plugin to warmode, so there will be no need to turn warmode on and off for voting :D

    We can't just wave a magic wand to fix it. We have to go through every single possibility one by one to find what's causing it :(
  16. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    You dont seem to be understanding...

    A MATCH server shouldn't have any plugins on it, be it to exec warmode or be it to vote. Just make the war server seperate from all the other servers so that it i just a NORMAL server, by normal i mean NO darkisocks NO addons NO voting crap...

    All we need is Piss with RCON and if a leader / someone with "RDP" access (im taking it this means they have the rcon aswell...) only mixes will be easy...

    Also when we played mB for the first time the lag was unbearable, it skipped like an old scratched cd.

    As in it would pause for a second and i dont know any thing that could actually cause that... My un-educated guess would be either your running to many servers for the dedi to cope with or the internet connection is bugging up.
  17. Re: Some Improvements

    Voting is essential for matches without pre-decided maps, such as the highlander practice matches where we need to do map votes.
  18. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    Then why not make a seperate voting thing... or just decide maps before hand... if you want to use it as an ETF2L server having plug ins isnt a good idea...
  19. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    Because they shouldnt be on a match server....
  20. eoN

    Re: Some Improvements

    Im sorry but are you shitting me?

    Read before posting...

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