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  1. Wai

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    heh ty :)

    the first video i made was made last November, but i released it in december, and that was how i played back then(ALL PCW/CW FOOTAGE NO PUBLIC)
    the 2nd movie i made, i made purely just to show people i can use Sony Vegas for creating vegas, so i used some public footage in it(PCW 70% and Public 30%(for fill))
    3rd movie i made was a Soldier Ability and Soldier Skill movie, so all you people who play soldier, watch Rocketman.rar and learn some nice jumps :)

    btw the rjumps i did in Rocketman.rar can be done in PCW's/Publics, i only used cheats and unlimited health to show that they can be done... imagine u recording a movie and having to constantly get Healthbags + ammo, i used cheats to get Health and Ammo instantly, save me time making the movie :)
    once you have watched the movie (rocketman.rar) try it yourself, u will be amazed what the 'other sort' of class the soldier can be

    - Wai

    #waiman irc.quakenet
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    thanks, busy downloading the videos now, will watch later
  3. Bun

    Re: Some TLR videos

    Downloading right now, this is why I love youtube/others. >.>
    Yeah I have been pwnd by Wai sometimes on the server now. :P
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    What scripts do you use?.. nice movie.

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