Steam Account Stealing Scam

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  1. Steam Account Stealing Scam

    Iv just been informed that some people in my old clan have had their steam accounts stolen so thought I'd tell people here about what happened just in case...

    Basically, one of the guys received a friend request from this french girl who then asked him if he wanted to play mario 3d followed by a link to download said game. Upon downloading and running the file, the person got an email from steam saying that they had successfully changed their password and email address. The hacker then went on to try and con everyone else on his steam friends but the guy had warned evryone on the forums so no-one else got caught out. Here is a chat log I found on the forums from someone who was trying to be hacked. (Siberian is the hacked account)

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: hows it going m8
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: how are u ?
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: alright, u about for the war tonight?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: heuh yep
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i'm ready
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: cool
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: good
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: hey
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i have i new game cool & free & it's with a good grafique too
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: it's play online
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: it's mario online 3d
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: it's small & good grafique
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i like it
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: you wanna try it with me ?
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: ye could do
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: is it a trial or 100% free?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: no
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: it's 100% free
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: nice, link me up il have a look
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: **********IVE REMOVED LINK CUZ THERES BOUND TO BE PEOPLE THAT CLICK IT***************
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: thouht it was a online game?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: yes it's is
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: play in the browser?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i well rejoin you & play vs you
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: or on pc?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: in PC
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: how did the match go lastnight btw? couldnt get online damn pc was fucking up Sad
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: heuh
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: hey
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: it's
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: online game
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: hey
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i have to go
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: i well back
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: after 2m
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: download it & install it & i well back
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: kk?
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: how about you go hack somef***er else? LOL dumb f**k, thanks for the link tho i will be tracerting and finding ur exaclt loction to find out where all the data gets sent to, HAHAHAHA
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: Question?
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: what ??
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: hey man if you dont wanna beleave me play
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: your way
    -=[PnS-Siberian]=-: ++
    [NESW]-=[PnS - ?iGgY]=-: LOL its a virus to get steam account info, and the kick in u are gona get im gona enjoy giving u, enjoy his account while u still have fingers to do so, goodbye

    This is not a thread for saying how stupid it is to click links from randoms, it is just a heads-up! If you're drunk/tired getting a free copy of Mario may begin to sound like a great idea!
  2. Re: Steam Account Stealing Scam

    u werent drunk yesterday!? come on man it was last day b4 holidays! guuud timez

    some idiots never learn tho
    was a few from Cores Misa Campo group at it again few days ago aswell so be careful =)
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    Re: Steam Account Stealing Scam

  4. Re: Steam Account Stealing Scam

    I lol'd hard at that.

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