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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod' started by Mister Spuds, 2 Jan 2015.

  1. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I have propositioned an improved gambling system. Trivia system will be coming soon!
  2. Question 1.

    Who is the biggest and loudest cunt

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  3. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

  4. Setting your Karma to 500

    If you get past one round, I'll put it back to 2000

    You better pray the first person you hit is a traitor :V
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  5. Gaw discord is my friend now

  6. Cactus The key is to never give up

  7. Hearth Forever Traitor

    I want to recommend two maps, they're lined with some fun T traps and I know a fair few people a fans of them.

    Community Bowling

    Community Pool

    I also have another recommendation for a new T weapon, I saw a script for an advanced disguiser once on Coderhire. You take a corpse and you steal their identity so you appear like them to everyone else.

    I'm not sure where a lot of people stand on this because on one hand you can just hide the body or burn it and no-one can find them and go "That's a fake" but on the other you can tell the difference as they won't respond to livechecks.

    Only other issue would be that Coderhire is closed, but I know a forum where they have it so if everyone is cool with me just getting a leaked copy then that's no issue either.
  8. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

  9. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Although I have no problem with this I think due to professionalism we probably shouldn't get a leaked version (I'm sure @Dark isn't very happy when someone steals something he's developed).
  10. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I will absolutely never use illegal copies of addons on the server.
  11. Cactus The key is to never give up

    As I presumed
  12. Hearth Forever Traitor

    That's fair enough, I feel the same in most circumstances. But CoderHire is closed so I'm not sure how we could get a copy in case anyone was interested.
  13. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    contacting the one that created the code?
  14. Hearth Forever Traitor

    I'd like to but I can't even view the original post, so I'll have to have a poke around first.
  15. vand2 Just a generic loveable guy

    I'd like the South Park map removed or replaced by another map with the same theme. The thing is that it is bugged and it out right sucks, since it's a CS : Source map directly converted to TTT.

    ... Maybe it's also time to nerf that shotgun a tiny wee bit, but that's maybe just me being salty after being 1-shot by Luna for the millionth time...

    Thirdly, I'd like more thing being added in the store such as a cheap bundle (Like... For 10 credits get a cheat model, taunt and a mask). I can easily see how it can seem almost impossible for new players to get anything without either playing on the server everyday for a month, donating their lifesavings away or being ridiculously lucky on the gambling.

    The last suggestion I have is to add more things to the detective and traitor shop. I've seen a few cool addons on other servers, we might want to look into. I'll link a few below, but anything really will do it for me since I love extra content, and the detective menu does not really have a lot to offer.

    Death faker:

    Door locker:

    Golden 1-bullet 1-hit Deagle:

    Riot shield:

    Weapon turret:
  16. Hearth Forever Traitor

    I'm a fan of all those items but the gun turret - depending on how hard the turret is to take out.

    As for the shotgun, it recently was nerfed a little to have a reduced fire-rate. I honestly think its balanced right now, the only reason it seems op is because Luna is op. I've survived a lot of firefights since the patch due to worse players being unable to aim as well as her. Next time we're both online, we can both connect and set it to minecraft, then you'll see how Luna is the problem, not the shotgun. ;)
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  17. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I'm quite offended that you think "donating your lifesavings away" is necessary to contribute to the server. You seem to be insinuating that I'm running a shoddy hit-and-run operation here, when I've invested 100% of donated money back into new content. The price of this quality content is not cheap. If I simply made everything in the donation site super cheap like you're suggesting, then server development would almost grind to a halt due to the lack of funding. It takes professional and experienced coders to make good content, and that is something rarely seen on the workshop. Let's go through your suggestions for example:

    Death Faker: Comments section immediately shows the addon is broken, especially in regards to the scoreboard.
    Door Locker: This is a sandbox item, seriously?
    Golden Deagle: What? This doesn't even have a description. If it works, it would be unbalanced. It's unreasonably sized for a simple texture, contained within an addon that won't work.
    Riot Shield: Comments section immediately shows the addon is broken, with multiple workarounds and a lot of effort needed to POSSIBLY get it to work.
    Turret: Aside from the serious balance concerns, this is stolen content.

    A 10 credit donation might barely cover a functional version of one of the above suggestions, if there is an existing one for sale. If not, it would cost me at least triple. We would never be able to afford stuff like the Trivia system with budget pricing.

    Bottom line: People donate for new server content. This content brings in new people, who will eventually donate for even more new server content. As soon as that cycle stops, the server dies. That is why I have been diversifying the donation packages available, to keep the ball rolling. I'm always appreciative of suggestions to the server, but you are acting extremely entitled. The "broken" models are priced highly for an obvious reason, as we don't want fifty fucking Yasuo bodies flying all over the place. I am giving regular players plenty of opportunities to earn points. If you don't want to contribute money, and you can't contribute quality content.. then don't worry about it. Just play on the server and have fun. But don't expect me to bend over backwards and destroy our revenue stream, just so you can have a couple of cosmetic items.

    You mentioned that South Park is bugged, can you please be very specific and provide evidence? It has average map ratings, so I'm going to need to some proof on this occasion.
  18. Hearth Forever Traitor

    As for other suggestions, do you know if HUD switcher addons work okay with other plugins? I have a cool HUD some might want to use back from the days I ran a server that I bought from Coderhire and I'm willing to donate some more so we can get a HUD Switcher.

    It's based off of Payday 2 and IMO is one of the best looking HUDs around.

    IDK if you want any of these, but I can download these for us too.
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  19. You can easily get donator credits from contributing pointshop stuff, i got 20 from the angel wings and worms accessory which I used to buy the anime bundle and south park is a bad map not a broken map and even then that's just my opinion and some people do like it. Donating only gives cosmetic stuff and even then you can get most stuff just playing on the server. How the server is ran now is probably the best I have seen and the best way to do it. New content is very expensive so prices need to reflect this.

    I can't snipe what so ever though, and the best way to kill me is make me jump, seriously scares the hell out of me.
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