Test-Video of scoutzknivez

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  1. Test-Video of scoutzknivez

    A video i made, based on a 6-minute demo of me playing scoutzknivez.
    Basically i was trying out Sony Vegas 8. As i said it was only a short demo so i didnt get any uber-shots. :)
    Song in video is & Down - Boys Noize
    Please watch and feel free to comment here (give me tips on how to get better quality maybe?) :D
    http://www.wegame.com/watch/Anathema_on ... est_video/
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    sweet, was waiting for it.
    also, WTF @Scope? :D
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    hah i wasnt even using that one when i was playing, but somehow my scope dissapeared, leaving only a square area left, so i had to dl Some scope to replace it :?
    Anyways, seeing as this is of viewable quality, and required minimal effort (Sony Vegas ftw!), ill make another one soon.
    Ill get some demos on a server with more people on and such :)
    And thanks waebi! :D

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  5. Bun

    Re: Test-Video of scoutzknivez

    That's pretty awesome, you're a great sniper. ^__^
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    Pretty good. :)

    We should have a game somtime ;)

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