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  1. poloniumandrats Mutated Rat Pokémon

    Just realised how much fun the new rocket launcher could be - combined with the mantreads, take almost all of your life away to do an epic jump and hope you land on someone

    Orange just has a whole new meaning
  2. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    Hmm, that made me think. Suppose the gravity is 0, and someone jumps from the middile building on Orange. Then, the gravity becomes very heavy (basically, jumping is impossible and such), and said someone falls on top of an enemy's head (wearing Manthreads of course). How much damage would he do (yeah, that depends on the gravity I suppose)?

    I've got to try this out sometime. :P
  3. loll Master Exploder

    scout pistol: maybe useful but if there's 1 decent pyro in the other team then it's done
    sniper rifle: finally a rifle that promotes skill and punishes bodyshots gj valve.
    all the other weapons: sux
  4. Loll, are you seriously know how those weapons will work? They ain't even in game yet. But I agree about sniper riffle.
  5. loll Master Exploder

    You'd die. dum.

    I know all of them. They are useless as fuck.
    (And you only quoted and replied this because you'd like to use the bazooka for trolldiering.)
    But: 3 rockets, dealing ~40 damage without gunboats (implying Mantreads) 120 damage total. You can do 1 jump. Total. Stupid.

    EDIT: anyways, 99% of the unlocks are a downgrade to the vanilla weapons. All arguments are invalid.
  6. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    From what we can read though, I'd say that he's right.

    Of course, we'll have to wait and see, but...
  7. From this what I know (i play a lot with mantreads) just simple rocket jump from tower at orange to the lowest possibe point on floor (read:ground) can do 164 damage on crouching sniper (that's the biggest dmg which I had) but jumping tripple as high as this is impossible because of map. And aiming at even standing still small target is already pretty hard with such a hight. So yeah. This sounds cool, but is (or will be) just bad and hard. ;/
  8. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    You know, the Demoman needs the Manthreads as a secondary too. I demand it. Right now.
  9. Nah, I wouldn't use it. Best set for me is rl, gunboats, market gardener. Rocket jumper just for fun. But about bazooka. Only use of this can be vs sentries at mid range. Shooting 3 rockets separatly doesn't take that long tho. It will be useless as fuck, same as pistol, scattergun thingy and flare gun thing. I was just saying ironicly about your knowledge, just to piss u off (as always) ;3
  10. But as primary, otherwise, u couldn't sticky jump. Derp ;)
  11. Btw, 24 minutes to update. O.o
  12. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    And here I thought at first the Grenade Launcher was a primary and got switched to the secondary slot. Seems it's the opposite? :P
  13. Yeah, gl is primary, sl secondary, bottle is... Bottle. Now let's wait 10 minutes and see what valve will fuck up again xD
  14. .. again?
  15. All this bugs, crashes, mistakes, op weapons (not only tf2)
  16. poloniumandrats Mutated Rat Pokémon

    Oh yeah, i think you might die, as if the gravity is way high, the drop from your victim's head to the ground would kill you. You should kill them though.

    Yes this does require a test
  17. one more minute.... o god
  18. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    the last second has passed... the site doesnt load. :(
  19. It loaded for me, its just a counter stuck on 0, and it still says Meet the Pyro coming June 27th on the video page.
    Was to be expected the site would get a shitload of traffic.
  20. Meet The Pyro!

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