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  1. TF2 RP

    Here's an idea: (inspired by this topic)

    Map will be Badwater Basin (official, good layout, single round - all important factors), and everyone will start as Engineer with build tools only (minus teleporter, possibly). Other classes will, of course, be locked. If necessary for gameplay, all buildings will have reduced (half?) health.

    You will start with a certain amount of money, which increases slowly over time and when you kill stuff. In relative figures, buildings get you 25%, engineers 50% and actual players 100% of the maximum amount per kill.

    The money can then be spent at an NPC or something like that in each team's spawn point to buy certain class/weapon combinations. For every combination, the melee weapon will also be included. Examples: (again, relative amounts of money)

    - 25% - Scout/Pistol
    - 100% - Scout/Scattergun
    - 100% - Soldier/Rocket Launcher
    - 75% - Pyro/Flamethrower
    - 100% - Demo/Stickies
    - 80% - Demo/Pipes
    - 100% - Heavy/Minigun
    - 80% - Heavy/Shotgun
    - 100% - Medic/Medigun
    - 40% - Medic/Dart Gun
    - 100% - Sniper/Sniper Rifle
    - 25% - Sniper/SMG
    - 100% - Spy (All weapons except Sapper available)

    Once you've bought a proper class, you simply play the game as normal, killing the enemy sentries etc. and pushing the cart through the control points. Should you die, you will be put back to Engineer.

    Also, by choosing to become an attacking class you obviously lose your buildings - this is an important gameplay element: when attacking your team's defences will be lowered, giving them a chance to counter-attack.

    I'll start coding this soon if you like the idea of it. :)
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  2. Re: TF2 RP

    I've made a huge amount of progress in programming it :D

    Also, I've decided to leave out the NPC idea and instead have a "buyclass" command that can be used anywhere on the map. Once your class has been changed, you will be instantly respawned and teleported to where you were. This also means it will be fully compatible with any map. :)

    Tbh, all it needs now is the money system and it'll be done :D
  3. Re: TF2 RP

    It's almost finished, I just need to find out why the buy menu refuses to appear - apparently it is being closed instantly after opening (bug in my SM distro?) :?
  4. Re: TF2 RP

    Public beta ready :D

    Here's how the money system works:

    - k = thousands of no currency in particular
    - You start with 500k when you join.
    - You gain 5k per 5 seconds (delay between money HUD updates).
    - 50k for assisted building kill.
    - 100k for building kill.
    - 150k for kill assist.
    - 200k for killing an engineer.
    - 300k for proper kill.

    Anyway, I've fixed as many bugs as I can with only one player - now it's your turn :)
  5. Re: TF2 RP

    Sounds like a fun idea :)
  6. Re: TF2 RP

    ahhh nice darki :D yea just tried it out but was only single player.

    was the sentry suppose to still stand when you buy a class? was a lvl2 sentry if that makes any difference

    maybe a note when you join to bind a key to 'buyclass' or something?
  7. Re: TF2 RP

    Well i guess first of all need make maximum limited of cash, disable warm up clock, or atleast change it to 5 seconds. And well... I think this game mode need it own map. Probably.
  8. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: TF2 RP

    this would be so kool if it was deathmatch, free for all :D

    But I think team deathmatch is better cuz else maybe every1 would go camping...
  9. Re: TF2 RP

    Some notes I have about it after playing it for a bit. :)

    1. A little buggy with spawns...also seems to be an exploit where if you buyclass while waiting to spawn, you respawn where your body was. I did this several times, once had me stuck in a weird position because my corpse went flying. I didn't try this each spawn, so I'm not sure if it happens every time, or only some of the time.

    2. Rather than starting off with sentries, this mode would be better as everyone starting off with pistol or shotgun. We found that on blu, it was almost impossible to get out of spawn a lot of the times with level three sentries everywhere. I don't think sentries are generally a good idea in it, if only for the reason that you could end up with a team who's unable to take them out at all, and unable to even get out of their spawn. Starting with pistol or shotgun seems a better plan. Maybe sentries as one of the highest price amounts.

    3. Buying classes should cost a little more, or the rate of money should be lowered, in my opinion. :)

    4. This mode may work better on larger map like Badwater, a map like Badlands or Fast Lane, Goldrush (maybe), or maybe even on arena with some tweaks. Dustbowl turned into a spawn camping nightmare. :) It's not so much a capture point map issue as it is a dustbowl issue. Intel maps would work best in fact, that sounds kind of interesting.

    5. If everyone is to start out as engineer, setup times should be drastically shortened, if not removed. This is a bit of a problem with sentries, as red has plenty of time to build against a team of attackers, possibly without a way to destroy them, OR a medic.

    I think the idea has a lot of potential, but still has some issues. :)
  10. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: TF2 RP

    So this is already available...? where can I try it too cuz I WANT TO PLAY THIS
  11. Re: TF2 RP

    Disagree with 2.
    But... how about play on ctf maps? 2Fort is excellent for my opinion.

    UPD: need sell ability, or buy wrench xD

    UPD2: need REMOVE medcits and ammo packs from all maps (do it by some plugin?)... :S
  12. Re: TF2 RP

    Based on your ideas, I'm about to make these changes:

    - Removing all ammo packs and medkits in favour of buyammo/buyhealth (which will cost 100k each).
    - Players will start as Scout/Bat.
    - All classes will cost more.
    - You return to the spawn point after buying a new class.
    - Map will be Badwater Basin as originally intended.
  13. Re: TF2 RP

    db map not a good one for this, especially if you have like over 8 players on each team. *engineer spam*

    also there were quite a few ppl joined, and didnt know what the hell to do?

    advised them in the green text, "buyclass, buyammo" etc or make a welcome/FAQ page as a player joins the server.

    Also remove the crits :evil:
  14. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: TF2 RP

    Firstly can you buy one class/weapon, and then the same class/weapon to add the second weapon? If not can I suggest that you get a lower price, since you already have the class, and can buy the weapon you're missing to add to your arsenal?

    Also if you did start with engy I do like the idea of no setup, but I see that's being changed so :P

    How much can the starting 500k get you? Nothing I hope :lol: a bat scout rush at the start will be fun to watch

    Edit: I think you need to have an official map for this, tbh, otherwise it's going to be even harder to fill :)
  15. Re: TF2 RP

    There will no longer be commands "buyclass" etc. - instead I'm adding commentary-style speech bubble models that can be activated by standing near them and hitting the MEDIC! button. This will then show a menu offering health, ammo and classes.

    All health/ammo pickups will also be removed, along with the health cabinets in the spawn rooms (no point in keeping them if they're disabled anyway :P)
  16. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: TF2 RP

    GO DARKI! nice but npc would make it easier for new ppl to start with =D and npc makes it more chalenging also as they would have aimbot lol add npc :) nice job tho pwnage :D
  17. Re: TF2 RP

    how about making separate stats since it's alot different to the other servers.

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