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  1. TF2 Tank Mod

    So far this is just an idea. I want to know whether it will be fun or not before starting coding :P

    Anyway, here's the plan so far:

    - Main aim: Hot-loadable compatibility with all standard maps (probably not including arena), so we can play it on our real servers without having to make an extra one (which will fail).
    - Up to 2 tanks per team at any one time, which can be gained by doing something like ubering a special bot standing in each team's spawn room.
    - Player is hidden, ABV-style and the tank follows them through the same OnGameFrame-based system used in ABV.
    - Player is set to heavy (or any other class), speed reduced to about 80ish (400 is scout speed) and they are given a standard rocket launcher.
    - All rockets fired by the player move faster than normal rockets and have bigger explosion radius and damage.
    - Player is given one rocket which is restored after about 5 seconds.
    - Player is set to third person view and can leave the tank at any time by pressing the USE key.
    - Tank will be created by putting a whole load of standard TF2 props together with render effects etc. to hopefully create something that looks like a tank. :P (want to avoid model downloads etc.)

    As you probably know, there is no vehicle system in TF2 so the movement system etc. would all have to be done manually, so obviously I want to know if there is likely to be demand for this before writing the thousand or so lines of code that it will probably take.
  2. Re: TF2 Tank Mod

    Good idea but i have somthing that could improve this alot, baisicly each team starts with thier own fort (slowly breaks if hit by the other team) the objective is to destroy the other teams fort before they destroy your fort, if you combine this with the tank idea it could be a really fun mod
  3. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: TF2 Tank Mod

    hmm i like idea but not if you do it on the regualar servers. you might lose player with this.

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