The CSS Servers.

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  1. The CSS Servers.

    Well i would like to point something out regarding the CSS servers.
    You may or may not have noticed their emptynes. (i am well aware thats not a word ;) )
    The thing is, there are literally thousands of servers just like ours, so unless you already have a large group of regulars there is no way to get people to join the server.
    Why join a GM server you have never heard of? Right.

    The only real way to 'promote' the GM servers is by getting a good reputation.
    When there are no people playing it, obviously, is impossible to get such a reputation.
    What i suggest will sound infinitely selfish but hear me out! :lol:

    Make one of the servers -be it temporarily- scoutzknivez 24/7.
    Right now there are barely 2 decent sk servers, a new one with perfect settings is sure to draw attention.
    Once people know theres a new good server, and i would make them, the server is sure to fill and stay full most of the time.
    On that server you place a message using mani admin plugin giving the IP of the normal map server.
    If possible, you can even have people type a message into chat to send them to the other server immediately.
    This might fill up the other server, if people are having fun they will add to favs and play on it more often.
    After a short while you could then change the scoutzknivez server to normal maps and promote it on the other server (which by then will have regulars on it). That way both servers should be in use, as it is rather pointless atm because they are both empty all the time.

    There, i have spoken, as a scoutzknivez player its obviously really cool to have a GM sk server, but thats really not what im trying to get done here. :lol:
    Scoutzknivez is a really popular custom map, but atm there are just Loads of 150 grav servers with low airaccel and the 'pro' (god i hate that word) community is desperate for decent servers.
    This plan could work, i think.
    Greets :)
    PS. Sorry for the horrible lay-out, but i really cba to do any better at 1.10 am :)
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    I poown you, damn i was good to that map back then :P

    My aim is fucked in Css after Tf2..

    But ill give it a try when its up.. thumps up from me
  3. Re: The CSS Servers.

    well server #2 is off ;)
    but the idea is nice, yes.
    I was decent with the scout, but tf2 fucked me up. Also, the SK-players pwn ass.
  4. Re: The CSS Servers.

    Anyone with the proper authority *cough* Core *cough* given this a bit of thought? :)
  5. Re: The CSS Servers.

    as i said, server 2 is off ;)
    and i have the proper *authority* to add maps and stuff ;)
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    screw everything :D
    server 2 is on, CSS scoutknivez 24 players on the one, and the 64 players dust2 CSSDM is still in place.
    2 maps on the scoutknivez server so far:

    if you know better ones, post them. Also, you are more the "sk-pro" :D means:
    which gravity (700 set atm, more, less?)
    airaccelerate stuff


    IP to join:

    your time to fill it :D
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: The CSS Servers.

    Yes please do fill it, Atm i am top on HLstatsX, which is clearly very wrong seeing as I suck.

  8. Re: The CSS Servers.

    Someone is needed to change some stuff.
    First off it would be nice if i had rcon access, some settings need changing and i cant make the changes :)
    Perhaps a bit (a lot of) work, but we need mani admin plugin. Its far superior to sourcemod for CSS.
    SM doesnt support rate-checking and has, in general, a rather limited collection of commands.
    Sorry for giving you a lot of work :)

    EDIT: just found out noblock is on, Please get rid of it ASAP :lol:
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    Come check it out some time if you have css :D
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    i gave you cvar access on the scoutknivez server, report to me if it doesnt work. The usage is like
    sm_cvar sv_gravity 800
  11. Re: The CSS Servers.

    I gave ana rcon access btw.
  12. Re: The CSS Servers.

    told me ;) will talk about that laters though, not that i'm "afraid" of this fact.
  13. Re: The CSS Servers.

    Dont worry i wont abuse rcon ;)

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