The Last Piss

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  1. The Last Piss

    Well my time here has come to an end, it's been emotional. I've met a lot of people who I would now consider very good friends during my time in GM and we've had some great times on Dustbowl, in league games and just chatting in Steam / Vent, times I won't forget :) The nights of all-heavy attacks and drunkenly attempting to organise rushes were great fun, as have been the 2 seasons of ETF2L that what was originally GM'F have now completed.

    I owe GM thanks for letting me experience the competitive side of TF2, first with Nomad's Y team and then with Myke's F team. However GM has never been a good place to be for a match team and, I suspect, never will be, which was one of the reasons F left and became voi in the first place. Don't get me wrong here, I enjoy spending hours on Dustbowl as much as the next man, the disgraceful amount of time I have spent on #3 will speak to that, but I enjoy the teamwork and the banter of smaller games a lot more. There are other reasons for me leaving though, mostly to do with the actions of a small group of people over the past month or so who have done nothing but what they wanted when they wanted without regard to anybody else, but if you want to hear my opinions on that you can ask me in person as i'm not going to start a flame war, or drop any personal insults, here.

    Finally the dreaded RL.exe is becoming more and more pressing - I am nearing the end of the second year of my PhD and really have to concentrate on my work instead of worrying about helping to fill the Dustbowl server or stressing over the next curveball thrown by ZE MANAGEMENT. My research has suffered from the amount of time i've been playing TF2 and it's time for that to stop, although I will, of course, continue to provide voi with the epic needle action.


    Disco and Th: It's been a blast, we've stuck together through the good times and the bad and have done a great job despite the circumstances, I look forward to dropping some spy-crab action on you in the very near future.

    Myke: The man who started it all - we miss you dude, come chat to us soon :)

    Bennett, Bun, Anathema, Tricky and Black: You guy are so many shades of awesome I can't describe it, look out TF2 the voi STEAMROLLER is coming to get you!!!

    KJ: MANY TANKS for your help with the server and support, even if you are a noob :)

    Sandman: PYRO IS AAAGGGGGHHHGHGHHGGHGHGH. It still makes me laugh, nuff said ;p

    Overdrive: For running round and round the rock on point B of Gravelpoot shouting 'GO RIGHT' until a spy killed him and for generally being epic with ze voice spam fun tiems ;p

    Everyone else: I've enjoyed duelling with you, playing DB with you and, at times, crying with laughter at the stuff we've done, guuuuuud times :)

    All the best,

  2. Ray

    Space reserved for emotional reply.


    Ahh pizz, my first ever friend here at GM. One of the reasons I sticked around on the server was because of this guy, he really made me feel welcome && even gave me my first official mic spamming warning :) Definitely sad to see you leave. Hope we game again. :)
  3. Ze crab is a spy! [​IMG]
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  4. bastard and i thought we had something ='( been awesome

    def see you around piss for epic spam fests, maybe a beer one too (y)

  5. i knew this day would come :( cya piss ;(
  6. Overdrive: Sorry dude, just got back from London and crazy tired, have edited to reflect your epicness ;p
  7. :<
  8. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta


    It's been fun Piss and I hope we will duel some more. It's been hell of a ride and I enjoyed the time I had to play, learn and duel with you.

    Btw, you'll still come DB sometimes :?:

    GL with your study and enjoy RL now.

  9. teh last ex deputy leader has gone, u did great job in ur role. thks

    we had some gud times too.

    gl with your studies.

    have fun piss :D

    drop by here every now & then.

  10. Ohhh it is sad day! TF2 will not be so epicly fun without you playing as much ;)

  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Bye. GL with the future
  12. Good luck for the future VOI, i would like to thank you and all the boys at VOI for showing me the ropes in 6v6!

    As you may guess my time spent mercing for VOI was fantastic.
    So i would like to Thank... you, bennet, ana, bun , tricky, black and Eon.

    I hope some time soon MG will get a chance to see how we fair against the mighty VOI. ;)


  13. Thanks guys :) I'll still be around though, so if anyone wants to duel etc then let me know!
  14. Ray

  15. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

  16. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: The Last Piss

    And in the end, you realise that you have been pissing in a sea of piss.

    Sad to see you go too Piss, I can't find solly encouragement without you. :(
  17. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: The Last Piss

    Everytime I see you on a server playing, I know it's the scary soldier + medic with its critzkrieg :D

    See ya around and I'd like to play some solly duel with you one day :)
  18. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: The Last Piss

    If you want to soli duel, just pm him. Btw Knud, I'm open for soli (and other) duels too ^^
  19. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: The Last Piss

    Ok (both).

    I'll catch you online Robbie!
  20. Re: The Last Piss

    I Salute you too Piss
    i'd liek to thank you for letting me Sub in your GM/voi matches, i've learned a really greta deal from that (and i've taken that knowledge to my own little gang). Also the nights filled with entire conversations using the TF2 characters' voices was awesome as well, it made me cry so many times.

    when my gang has done enough matches i will challenge you and voi ;)
    plsu i still want a practise match with you guys soon anyway, just for the experience


    May your rockets fly true,
    cheers Piss


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