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    What is it?

    If you've heard of The Hidden, this is very similar. A team of soldiers must hunt down a powerful, nearly invisible creature known as The Stalker and kill it before it wipes them out. The Stalker has a number of abilities:

    • Scream - A powerful scream that causes nearby soldiers to lose their hearing temporarily, and causes their vision to become disoriented slightly. This attack uses 25% of your energy. This ability is very useful for making quick escapes.
    • Mind Flay - This attack invades the mind of the targeted player. They are heavily disoriented and take some damage from the attack. Perfect for picking off stragglers or confusing players who are very good at figuring out where you are. This attack uses 50% of your energy.
    • Telekinesis - Control a prop with your mind. You can choose the direction in which the object is thrown. A useful tool for distracting soldiers or causing damage with larger objects. This uses 75% of your energy.
    • Regeneration - This ability causes you to replenish a fraction of your health. It makes you more visible for a small amount of time so you need to hide beore using it. Uses 100% of your energy.
    • ESP - This ability is enabled/disabled by toggling your flashlight button as the stalker. When ESP is enabled, you can see where soldiers are through walls. However, while ESP is active, your energy will not replenish and your overall vision becomes darker.

    The energy used by psychic attacks will slowly regenerate over time. In addition to having psychic abilities and being invisible, the stalker can also jump to high areas, run faster than soldiers, and can cling to walls. The stalker's health is dynamically generated at the start of the round based on how many soldiers there are on the enemy team. The stalker loses 1 health every 3 seconds but regains health with each kill so this encourages him to actively hunt soldiers.

    The soldiers have their own tools for hunting the Stalker. There are 4 different, equally balanced primary weapons to choose from, as well as 4 different secondary weapons and 4 utilities. Their flashlight runs off battery power and if your battery reaches 0% charge then there is a small delay before it starts recharging. The recharge rate for the battery is slower than its drain rate so you have to manage your flashlight use.

    Primary Weapons:
    • The SG 552 - A scoped rifle with high accuracy. Magazine size of 30.
    • The FN P90 - A SMG with lower accuracy but a larger magazine and a higher rate of fire. Magazine size of 50.
    • The SPAS 12 - A powerful close range semi-automatic weapon. Magazine size of 6.
    • The FAMAS G2 - A 3-shot burst rifle with moderate accuracy and damage. Magazine size of 30.

    Secondary Items:
    • Portable Sensor - You are given 1 tripmine which can be planted on any solid surface. These alarms will trigger when their laser beam is distorted. They can be moved but have a short delay before they activate.
    • USP Compact - A pistol with unlimited ammo. Useful if you are less careful with ammo conservation.
    • Medikit - Heals 30 health on the owner. Can be used only once.
    • NV Range Scanner - A handheld scanner which augments your vision. Primary fire will make the scanner consume battery power and emit a visible wave which will detect The Stalker (only for you).

    • Improved Recharger - Your battery recharges faster.
    • Laser Module - Attaches to your weapon. Useful if your aim is bad (there are no crosshairs on weapons so this is the closest thing).
    • Extra Ammunition - Additional ammunition (1 extra magazine) for your primary weapon.
    • Lightweight Armor - Additional movement speed.

    Cool story bro, how do I play?
    Download the content from the Steam Workshop here

    And then to join our server, click below or on the server sidebar!

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  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Note: Server is of course down until Garry's Mod update 149, due later tonight or tomorrow.
  3. This looks really cool I will definitely get it tonight :) thanks for bringing it to my attention ^^
  4. Zetsumei Spaceman

    its tomorrow now
  5. Looks very interesting - I'd be up for a game!
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  6. Gaw discord is my friend now

  7. Definitely want to play a game like this with everyone. Hopefully it's not as punishing for the Stalker when there's a lot of soldiers, like in Hidden:Source.

    I assume it would be slightly more moddable as it uses garry's mod? We could barely touch Hidden at all to help tweak it to our tastes.
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  8. Gaw discord is my friend now

    That's definitely the biggest advantage, I can change pretty much anything within reason, where as that was impossible with Hidden. The creator of the gamemode is also looking for maps, so it's a good opportunity for GM mappers to convert some existing maps, or create new ones for it!
  9. I'd give it a go - seems like a nice break from LoL.
  10. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    I already played it once on the Misa Mini-game server(or how it got called), it's pretty fun to play
  11. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Updated to latest revision - hopefully that has fixed the bugs we encountered tonight. We'll need to do another play session tomorrow to confirm that it's fixed. I'll get us a few more maps and a proper mapcycle soon.
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