The "tea" thread :)

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  1. The "tea" thread :)

    This will be the thread for our discussions regarding teas.
    Making tea is the main reason of going afk for me.
    Anyway, post your favorite teas, teas you are drinking now and discuss about other's tastes.

    Mostly drinking this:

    Rarely this:
  2. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    I'll drink any tea with 3+ sugars in it.
  3. Re: The "tea" thread :)

  4. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Ok, maybe 2 depending on what else I'm eating at the time :P
  5. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    no sugar, no milk
    I like nearly all teas, but love Earl Grey :)
  6. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    I prefer Icetea and Coffee to be honest ..... sometimes ill drink some varios fruit flavour teas, with some sugar in it ..... loving clichées btw, tea-drinking english guys ftw =)
  7. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    What kinds of tea?!?! Tea is practically my life! xD Without tea I would not be able to survive! Like I said in Oba's "dinner" thread, the two that I'm drinking atm (because they were on offer!) Are:




    :awesome: :awesome:

    MMMMMM! Now time to go get another cuppa!
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  8. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Perfect cuppa with my breakfast!


    Crappy phone camera ftw! :3
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  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Well here's a surprise for you, savage and I are the only English guys so far, and I don't drink tea =P

    Bagno try Earl Grey, ask Vacoy =)

    btw V-dawg has your mum had that Harrod's tea yet =O
  10. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Weetabix ftw! :D
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  11. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    if i have wheatabix it has to be completely covered in sugarrrr!!
  12. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Tried already. But i still prefer black tea. :P
  13. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    i dont understand a shit, what is this thing ?! xD looks like meeeeeat <3
  14. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    sugar with weetabix ftw.
    @ Beau, euhm dunno actually xD
  15. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    look like some kind of "kartoffelpuffer" ...
  16. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Tetley tea *clap clap* Tetley tea *clap clap* tetley tea -tetley tea -tetley tea *clap clap*


    (Forgive the camera) >.<

    Not a big fan of tea. Months since I had any. And theres you lot scrawling your pockets empty purchasing the stuff.

    BUT... Im English. It's my duty as an englishman to enjoy tea with breakfast crumpets (once in a blue moon) ^^
  17. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Try some real chinese/taiwanese tea, much better then those english tea's ;)
    And no need for sugar ^_^
  18. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    The perfect flash for you :3
  19. Orion Dismantler of the sun

    Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Screw your tea, coffee is where it is at.
  20. Re: The "tea" thread :)

    Bah, I'm not English and I can't survive without tea. :X


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