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  1. eoN


    Since ive joined they have taken away one dedi without warning and now they have fucked up again... tbh from what i hear their expensive aswell... Why are we using their dedi...?
  2. Re: Tigit

    nah, they are the cheapest GM(i think core) found.

    We started free from Spitfire(he left)
    then GM found one for £150 a month? i donno, cant remember. or is the same what we got then went down

    now it is £95 per month.

  3. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    I bet you there are alot cheaper out there...
  4. Re: Tigit

    help GM find a better price then mate.

    try get the high spec similar like tigit for a cheap price ;)

    if you can then we either switch or ask tigit for price matching, if they have that in their policy.
  5. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    To be honest its not really about the price more about the reliability and the fact they cleared a dedi without even warning GM.
  6. Re: Tigit

    yea but GM has to get the money for the server.

    and hell no, GM is not paying 200 quid for the servers.(for example)
  7. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    Well they are already paying 100 a month for a very unreliable dedi...

    I dont see any upside to being with tigit.
  8. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    Can anyone give me a good reason why Tigit is better than other dedi companys?
  9. Re: Tigit

    ask dark and core, there the ones who works on the servers mostly. or waebi maybe :?

    they(servers) were fine, in the early stages mate, it just something fishy is happening now :shock:
  10. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    Yeah but should GM just stick around and put up with the dedi buggering up?

    I personally think there will be better dedis and maybe Core, waebi and Darki could take a look and see because i dont know much about them.
  11. Re: Tigit

    What is actually going on with the GM servers? Since Sunday I am unable to connect.
  12. Re: Tigit

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    you wont get a best/ perfect server out there, there will always be some problems :|
  14. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    Yeah but i bet theres better for cheaper...

    And atleast get something in writing saying they cant delete anything without 24 hour warning first or somin.
  15. Re: Tigit

    Tigit are the one of the best dedi providers in the UK.

    The dedi going down is completely my fault :(
  16. Re: Tigit

    yea, i'll say it has some good spec and a good price too ;)

    oh no, what you done dark! :o

    so when will it be up?
  17. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    I thought it was them installing ZoneAlarm PS for anyone ZA sucks ass theres alot better out there... and its just soooooooooooooooo easy to crack lol.

    Also how the hell did you manage that Darki :P

    And they didnt even warn anyone about taking down the other dedi and they lots of stuff (from what i read)
  18. Re: Tigit

    Installed zonealarm to monitor some shit, not actually use as a firewall :P

    I wish I'd known about netlimiter before I installed ZA D:
  19. eoN

    Re: Tigit

    *BITCH SLAPS* :P :lol:
  20. Re: Tigit

    as he said, flame Darkie :P
    Tigit are very nice, Kash is online most of the time, i got a free BNC with 5 possible clients (irc stuff :P) and the best thing, you get "full" access to the server. I mean, if you get a multiplay one, you most likely just get tf2 rcon access, maybe ftp, but that's it then (sry if i'm not right, but bah.)

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