To improve personal skill.

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  1. To improve personal skill.

    So, do you want to improve personal skill in match-classes? :)
    Heres some servers to go to.


    TF2 Mid-Air Only mod:
    Bball: 1. NOTE: If you go demoman, do not use stickies for anything except for jumping.
    Jump maps: 1.
    tr_airshot_v0 - fpsbanana it: good for airshots as well, solly and demo.
    Ammomod: (1200 hp, no reload infinite ammo)


    dm_store_pro: (Drew's server, meet up with someone you know (or me :D) for some practise, scouts only, pw: snswar)
    scout jump map(wait for wdf_scoutjump):

    Anything else I think of and I'll update the post :)
    If you want some advice on where to go etc on various maps, I'm sure we can arrange something, just ask.
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    thanks ana much appreciated u'll see me very soon :D
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    i think ill take a look in shrews dm_store_pro server
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    Many thanks Ana :)
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    Ok Well i now have 2 Servers, that both myself and Spyko have rcon.... But any one i like Trust can be given Normal admin E.G sm_admin... like GM admin. Just ask if you would like admin to change maps etc..

    Server 1.; password snswar. (12 Man Pro DM Store, Scout Only.)
    Server 2.; password snswar. (6v6 War Style Server Badlands.)

    Both of these servers are Avail to anyone you know i dont care who uses them as long as we know them hence the password for now, these are being trailed by meself and a friend and Spyko so please report Any Faults, Lagg, bugs etc.. to myself or Spyko!

    If this work out i may also put up 2 more servers, any requested can be met. So Let me know what people want from a server and i will try and sort that for you. (Anathema wanted the 12 man dm_store_pro, he asked he got. If it Fails it will be pulled, however its a trail that maybe become public soon if it never fills. if it still does't fill it may change to something else.)

    A bit of bumph about the server.

    1. 2.8ghz CPU, 4Gb Ram, 1TB HDD, 300MB net connection. (Pings usualy arround 20-45 mark.)
    2. Is a Trail from a close friend of mine.
    (Hacking, exploiting will be closely monitored. He reserves the right to just pull the plug is he see's this..)
    3. Long term this could be an extention to GM server pool, OR maybe kept as mine? IDK yet?
    4. I may have 1 Server as a Private War Server for Any Team/Clan i see fit.

    Well that about it for now, Will post when i know more.

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    Re: To improve personal skill.

    kool thnx a lot all who has done anything for this

    I'll definitely drop by sometimes!!

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