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    Frankly Im in shock atm..!
    I was just online on server 3. The server was about half full. The map changed to zpo_subway.
    First thing that happens is that one of the "TR" clan members reconnected when he spawned as zombie which resulted in the restart of the game.

    I asked him "wtf he was doing" in exact words. I admit I got upset and overreacted. I should not have asked him "wtf he was doing" Anyway He told me to shut up. I called him a asshole. Then the whole clan turned on me and started flaming.I told them that this is not a way to act on a GM server, "I will ban him for an hour". That didint stop them from continue the flaming. "what r u going to do, ban us all"?
    I banned the one who reconnected for an hour as a response.
    Then it all got quiet for a while. After a while of silence I actually said I was sorry for my overreaction, but I also said that I did not think it was ok to tell a admin to shut up nor to reconnect as zombie. One person asked me if I could unban hes clanm8 and I told him that I didint have the right flag to do so. I said I was going to talk to someone who could after the round.

    After a while the banned persons friend (dont remember names right now, I will do when we c the logs) told me that he was going to disconnect but he wanted to tell me something first...

    Then all hell broke loose.
    The flaming went on for a while over mic. He started and the rest followed, they said all kind of nasty things. So I started talking to darki about this matter right away. It fealt like the situation got totaly out of hand! I tried to talk some sence into the rest of TR's members, I asked them if they thought it was a good way to act on a GM server? The responses was not good at all. So I got totaly pissed TBH! I told them that my good mood was ruined, that I got really upset and that they infact made total asses of themselves! And they just tried to make me even more angry... So I stoped talking back. Its like your in a fight and gets too many hits to the head, its just no point in fighting back.
    Ive always thought that the TR clan was a good clan that was close friends with GM. I was wrong. Now they show their true colours...

    After while the flaming went on over text chat, while i was talking to darki. He gave me permission to ban those who flamed, and so I did. I beg of you guys to check the logs this instant since this is a serious matter! Another clan is forcing their own rules opon GM and their only reson and argument is that they have many members. "You cant ban us all"...

    In my 7 years of gaming I have never seen or heard anything like it! Its not just some random player its a clan that abuse the server. This is making me wonder how many times this has happened before... Without someone interfering.

    I know I made a big misstake in getting angry in the first place! But that does NOT defend their actions as players or a clan! Check the logs and you will understand what Im talking about!

    // moO
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: TR

    I know nothing about ZPS (except that I know nothing about it) so please explain this to me?
  3. Re: TR

    When u start as zombie u can reconnect so that the round will restart or if there are more than one zombie u will b able to spawn as human. In other word its an exploit...
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    Can I have a time range please? I'm not going through 5000 lines of log file just to find out when this started/ended.


    @ Nomad:

    Players can leave and rejoin the server if they don't like being put on the zombie team. if a player leaves as the last/only zombie the game ends instantly.

    Darki developed a plugin to block this behaviour, sadly it doesn't catch people 100% of the time.
  5. gig

    Re: TR

    basically when the round starts a random player (aka survivor) is chosen to be the zombie, if all the zombies die or the objectives are fufilled then the survivors win. obviously if the zombie leaves then the survivor wins by default and the next round begins.

    sorry moo but it seems to me that you acted out of order which resulted them in acting out of order in return. you shouldn't judge all clan members just because a few of them have a go at you for having a go at one of their top members.
  6. Re: TR

    About an hour ago. Perhaps a bit longer.
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    What map(s)?
  8. Re: TR

    The thing is that I really expected more from this clan. I cant say it was right to get angry... But the first one to do wrong was not me... And the logs will prove that. I know some of u know them more than u know me.

    But people who know me would not think I was wrong... Im always acting in favor of the other players, the true vicims of exploiters...
  9. Re: TR

  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    Ok, i've found the log. Reading it now.
  11. Re: TR

    The thing is that I didint judge them! I only said ONE bad thing, the asshole thing. I even said I was sorry for it! But AFTER that hes friend flamed again and for a long time too. Just read the logs...

    I at least want a apology in return!
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    Here's the log:

  13. Re: TR

    Request not found.
    Copy paste plz.
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    Try again now.
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: TR

    okay, I'm on moO's side on this one.
    I should have banned them way earlier, but I can be a bitch :P
  16. Re: TR

    :) I just wanted SOME proof. Most of it was through mic and tbh I even had hard to find words in mic..!

    Gig and Geit, try to think yourself into my possition! You have four of five people flaming you, saying all these nasty things over mic, and even in txt!

    If I was a bad admin I would abuse my slap, burn, slay, kick or something like that! If I was a bad admin as they say I would flame back, which i didint! I tried to b the bigger man. As I said, I even said I was sorry for the asshole thing..! Which really isint such bad thing to say in a situation like that tbh... He DID exploit! And I f***ing HATE exploiters! I do! thats why im a admin!

    If you dont play zps I understand its a hard thing to understand but its like a rape of the game... At least I want the ones who flamed to say they are sorry before they get unbanned! That is the LEAST they can do to make up for this!

    EDIT: TBh I dont think all of them even knew I was admin either... Just because I dont wear a GM tag people NEVER think Im admin. And I get to take a LOT of shit for that... But I wont bend for those kind of people..!
  17. gig

    Re: TR

    humm, i don't think you're a bad admin, you just need to relax a bit is all. if someone's being daft it's their problem.
  18. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    Never said you were a bad admin, we all make mistakes and get angry etc etc.

    I agree with your decision, with the execution of the decision...not so much. Not that it matters, If any TR member wants to play on the GM servers they have to appeal.
  19. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: TR

    So what about me. Im a member of TR and a regular visitor to the ZPS servers everyday. As the log states i left before any of the real incident happened.

    In short do i have to appeal to play on your servers because of my clanmates actions?
  20. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: TR

    If you left before the drama started it's unlikely that you got banned at all.

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