Train Trouble

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  1. Train Trouble

    This is mainly a requst for experience hammer users so please keep this thread to the topic.

    Anyways i got some train trouble.

    1. I get stuck in the train when it goes up, down or turns even though ive added player clip, this can be sorted by making it non solid, but still i ge stuck in the player clip.

    2. When riding the train and it turns it tends to "throw you off" thus leading to the next problem

    3. When it turns and im close to surroundings i get stuck in the surroundings.

    If there is a way to fix all this getting stuck trouble please let me know. Otherwise i gotta remove a hole bunch in my map and rethink the layout.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    check console for an error somethine like "PUSHED ROTATION TOO HARD". - It's caused by having payload entities in the map and trying to stand on a tracktrain. - fix is to remove the payload entities.
  3. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    this is similar to the gate issue on cyberpunk. because of it, when next to the door towards the disco room and using right click, when the door closes, you will become latched on to the door if you release right-click. your problem probably has to do with the speed or the rotation of the train
  4. Okay ive been looking for a console and the only one i can find is the one you get ingame. And basicly i dunno how to navigate that yet. Otherwise ive franticly been looking for the PUSHED ROTATION TOO HARD error without much luck.

    So basicly this problem is gonna be there for a while yet sadly.

    Anyways i looked under the Using lighting in hammer and failling thread and found the link you posted

    Very usefull and ive been using it to remove whatever i could find, stilla few things i cant find though which is a pain. But ohh well thats life ;o
  5. When a train in a payload map reaches the end it normally fall down, how do i obtain the same effect taken into account that you cant parent a prop_physics. I knoew how to detach it from the parent and already there. now i just need the damn prop to fall down
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Input SetParent with no parameter
  7. Sadly that did not give the wanted effect, basicly nothing happend and the prop i used is still stuck in the air.

    What i have do is set a prop_dynamic's parent to a func_tanktrain at the wanted end path_track i have set the outpout onpass to setparent (with no parameter), I also tried disabeling it and then setparent with a 0.1 dely hoping that would help, but no... no luck :/

    Just need the damn thing to fall down once it becomes disabled from its original parent.
  8. Surely it needs to be prop_physics if you want it to fall?
  9. If it is prop_physics then i cant parent it to the func_tanktrain can i?

    ... maybe with a setparent from the start ... ill try that
  10. I'm pretty sure you can parent just about anything :/
  11. Well if thats the case its odd i cant find the parent thingy on the prop_phys :P ill keep trying and looking though
  12. Ok I did what I tried to avoid, just made the track it follows go down.... now the effect of this is very static so it looks a bit odd. But still better than I feared and it happens in a very very dark room so basicly problem solved...

    Now i still just need to make sure you don't get stuck in the train.. meh

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