Transporter Etiquette

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    Transporter Etiquette

    Any views on use of transporters? I will always let a heavy on in preference, but am sick of getting muscled out by a scout who could get to the front in 3 seconds - I tend to play soldier so it takes a while longer. So, should medics be given priority? Should we kill entrances where the exit is in a dopey place?

    Best use of a transporter - Fort, where both entrances and exits were beside the enemy intelligence - soooo cool.
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    Heavy and Soldier first, Medics can walk with the others, they'll get some übercharge along the way, too. :|
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    Yeah, Heavy is definitely the first choice. Engies should use it to get to their sentries safely. If there is no Medic around, Soldiers and Demos should use it, If there is a medic around the medic should follow the soldier/demo who is rocket/stickijumping their way through the map. This is good for the ubercharge and the soldier can (depending on map) be even faster than the scout without loosing health. The rest is kind of equal. Scouts should never use teleporters. Spys shouldn't too, because they have to wait till the transporterflickering is over anyway, so they could run as well.
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    I go on the basis that slowest = first
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    Engi>Heavy>Soldier>anyone - thats how i see it :)
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    If there is a battle going on and you are RED:
    Engie first when his sentry is still there
    Heavy next to fight em off
    Medic next to heal all others

    If you are BLU:

    well, just slap scouts who take your teleport.

    sm_slap @aim

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    Re: Transporter Etiquette

    The real serious damage for most games is done by a medic'd heavy. So should the medic head on and meet at the exit?

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