TTT vs GM: Seriously WTF

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  1. TTT vs GM: Seriously WTF

    Im seriously pissed about tonights clan match, it was a very childish display. If this was a real CW match we would have banned from the league. I dont know what you guys think your going up against, but all serious league clans are like TTT. Its fine if you wanna own public servers thinking you are good, but dont think for a second you can own any clan just like that. These people got skills, strategies and will run us over till we have the same.

    Tonight's highlights:
    -Bluepanther: getting his own team stuck by glitching/exploiting whatever. Seriously what are you thinking.
    -Dark's noclipping accident: This was another fine example where Core had to restart the match cause dark was noclipping and couldnt get it off.
    -Random ppl leaving cause they cant take getting owned.

    If you want to be pro, then fucking be professional. Tonight should be a lesson, if you want to fight in the big leagues than fucking fight for it.

    As for bluepanther: I suggest we strip you of your PRO status, in no way can I ever take you serious again.
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    Very well said.
    We need to have a serious chat (as a team).
    We also need to improve ingame strategies and we cannot afford to have a repeat performance of this match we played tonight.

    On a high note!
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    I don't know what happened (source tv was really laggy - probably my end) but it sounds baad

    Perhaps we could start a strategies forum? one thread per map?
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    I agreed, Z3Ronl.
    I think we need to do some more training and see how the players get long with each other.

    Gotta work as a team.

    All admins features should be disabled and CORE(the only one) should have access.

    One admin is enough for a 1 hour clan match!
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    @ FastJohn good idea

    btw to get noclip off everyone, just kill everyone lol XD
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    I agree, but I think it is a bit silly - an admin should be responsible, they should not be no-clipping round maps (especially in a clan match)
    But good idea, core should be the only person with admin access in a clan match.
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    *checks rank* Yup, looks like I'm still a leader, on par with Core.

    I admit I did fuck around a bit, but it was setup time when I started noclipping and I was under the impression we were just fucking around anyway. And then the match started, leaving me stuck with noclip on, and my binding failed to turn it off. I admit it was highly unprofessional of me and for that I apologize, but it was just a fun practice match. There is NO WAY I would do something like that if it was a serious match.

    Anyway, I like the sound of your idea (as long as you change "Core" to "leaders") - although we would have to run the match server from a separate set of files to use different sourcemod settings. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but it makes updating a pain and I think everyone has learned never to do it again from what happened today anyway. Anyone that shows any sign that they haven't (I suppose I better include myself in this too, just to be fair) gets kicked off the pro team. No second chances.

    He made his teleporter to outside the map for a reason - if the positioning is exactly right, it is possible to arrive in the enemy base and/or the first control point. Unfortunately, he got the positioning slightly off, causing the teleporter to take everyone outside the map, therefore causing them to become stuck until they typed kill in console. As it was simply a mistake, I am still unsure as to whether he should be removed from the Pro team.

    Yes, the sourcetv "rate" gets set to 3500 by the ED config :(

    And yes, a strategies forum sounds like a great idea - I'll see what I can do ;)


    TTT were cheating. They used exploits all over the place, and after reviewing the demo I recorded, I am convinced their sniper was using some form of aimbot. His aiming skills were just too good to be true.
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    If you dont take this match seriously, then who will? As a leader you have to set the example. Saying this was just a fun practice match doesnt make things right. We had an opportunity to play against a solid clan, from which we could have learned a lot. At least tonight we have seen how to NOT do it, that itself is a valuable experience. From here we go on to improve ourselves and the team.

    In my eyes that only makes it worse, he was actively cheating in a Clan War. When the pro team was founded we all agreed not to cheat and/or exploit since that would be very unprofessional. I stand by my point.

    And as for TTT using glitches/exploiting, i can only proof the demoman gate exploit, nothing else. Without proof its meaningless to debate whether or not they cheated. But even if they were, we should be better than that.
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    On Wednesday, something happened to me. I experienced my first-ever clan match. It was completely by accident. A few of us were on the match server getting Demoman training from Core, when the St. Clan asked Core for a match. I didn’t even know it was going down. Suddenly, I found myself in a clan match, and DAMN, it was the most fun I have ever had playing TF2.

    Wednesday’s experience was special to me. It wasn’t the usual gang of noobs and losers. It was serious, professional-level gaming between two, serious, competitive groups. That’s what made it so enjoyable.

    Then, today, I read about the clan match with TTT. And I felt ashamed to be a member of Gaming Masters. According to what I have read and been told, some members of our so-called “PRO-Team” acted no better than a gang of noobs and losers. Who would need exploits and cheats to play a clan match? People who can’t play properly, that’s who.

    Today, we showed that Gaming Masters is a clan who can’t play properly. We can’t win without cheating and using exploits. It’s not important whether or not players on the other team cheated. We showed that we are no better. And that is shameful.

    Some of us contribute our time to the clan. Some of us contribute our talent. Some of us contribute funds. We all do something, or we wouldn’t be members. Is it fair to the rest of us when a few of us bring shame upon the clan? Of course not.

    As Spock said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” That means, we have to put our egos aside. We have to put our own desire for fun aside. We are here to serve our fellow members, not bring them to shame and embarrassment. We forego our individual needs and desires when the needs and desires of the collective whole would be affected.

    Let us all keep this philosophy in mind here at Gaming Masters. Gaming Masters is not some elite cabal of leaders who can do what they want at their whim. Gaming Masters is a clan – a group of people united by kinship. Gaming Masters is united by a common goal of professional Team Fortress 2 gaming. And anyone who does not hold that goal in the forefront of his or her mind at all times does not deserve to be a Gaming Master.

    I Am Nomad
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    arr, i'm in school, and the whole school is full of toilet paper, mad guys with water, dressed up like witches and countrymen (last day in school for some).

    We all know what some/we did, and that it was wrong. Besides that, I already said that i'm very sorry for the timebomb during the NON-MATCH time.
    I love to play with you, it's just great fun. And btw, do you know how I got to GM?
    Yes, I was fuckin around with the old Skywalk exploit in DB, and some Core dude was so nice and didnt ban me. Then my mate "BFishY", asked Core if there was any way to join. Core spec'd me and said something like "you're a pretty good Medic". A few minutes later "Ok, you're in." When Core left GL, I asked him why and wassup. I read what Briton said. Then I joined after him to the new GM. We played, then Spit left (yes, this was hard.) They got a server. This was new to me, a new feeling of the game, of "togetherness" (ye my english sucks :S), a conjuction of skill and fun.
    And look where we are NOW. We have a 1337 server, we have discussed a pro team, even one for enemydown matches, and it's just great fun. Some ppl think we played too less, I was one of them. I brought this opinion up, and now we had matches almost every day. It rocks. It doesnt matter what we did in the PCW. If it *were* a serious match, we'd have a ban, i guess. But it wasnt, and most humans are "smart" enough not to make the same mistakes again.
    Long live GM, TF2 and our computers.
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    I left because I can't stand cheaters. They shot through the oneway doors, and the snipers shot me through the wall like 5 times.
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    Or....because TTT was a good solid team that played seriously....
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    I kinda agreed, that sniper been having aimbot or something, it seems he shoots around you and it will kill you, even if he miss!
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    nah, it always looks this way in demos :S
    i think he is just skilled, i'm gonna improve my sniping too.
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    the demo's were good, but still.........
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    *sits at steam*
    *opens hammer*
    *begins to create GM sniping map*
    *some cheese to the whine, because i suck at it* ;-)
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    Im not sure whether they have aimbots are not, its indicated by small jerks on their aim. Aimbots cannot shoot through solid objects as far as I know.

    Just remember this, ragequitting does nothing to the opposing team it only puts your own team at an even greater disadvantage.

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