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  1. Typekit invitations


    I doubt anyone is interested, but I've got 5 private beta invitations to give away :)

    Before you ask, it's a service which allows you to embed custom fonts into a website in a cross-browser and gracefully degrading manner, and without worrying about the font maker coming after you.
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    Re: Typekit invitations

    Mmm, that could be very very useful for my website.. Which I can hopefully do when my hosting comes back :/

    Yeah, that would be great.. Do you need my email? It's admin[AT]force2.eu
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  4. Re: Typekit invitations

    You should be, I made that mistake. And my email goes through about 5 different spam systems along with ClamWin on the dedi, and yet they still get through D:
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    Re: Typekit invitations

    Oh man, turns out it actually costs money :/ (Why would you require an invitation and then charge money??)

    Prices FYI:


    I'll probably still give the trial a go once mah hosting is back.
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    My email goes through SpamAssassin with filter set to "High".
    It's enough.

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