UK Custom Built PC's.

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  1. UK Custom Built PC's.

    If you need a good gaming machine and have a few quid to spare LMK i will spec you a machine.

    Or you can email me at: Or
    Or just leave a message here. as i read the forum quite alot.

    Ty Den. (AKA DjShrew or Drew.) :)

    P.S typicaly to build a good gaming rig you need about £6oo+, best i built to date was £1600. it was a beast!!!
    if you are going to claim VAT back email me at my work the minster email, otherwise use dsltech.

    The 1600 one was...

    Processor: Quad core Q6600. 2.4 @ 3.2Ghz.
    Memory: 4GB OCZ Memory.
    HDD DRrive:2TB Seagate 32mb cashe. Hdd
    Power: 900W PSU
    Graphics 280GTX
    Optical: DVD+RW
    Cooling: Zalman big copper beast.
    Case: Coolermaster.

    Monitor: it was 22" Samsung.

    i think all the parts had a 3-5 year warranty. altho i/we only give 1 year the remander can be delt with the hardware manufacturere.

    P.S if you need any PC jsut LMK as this is my forte, anything from general Q, to Spyware, Viruses. etc. im sure i can help!
    If admins dont like this post. please by all means remove i wont take offence, just thought i could help a few folks out. i can post anything needed to prove this is a legit propersition. Ebay accounts, company number, VAT Number. etc... (well i can find it out from work.)
  2. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    nice mate. 8-)
    my pc is custom built too

    yea this is good, oh i forgot any discounts for us :P just kidding,

    Good spec you have there

    btw do you/your work sells hardware parts etc
    as I'll be looking for a quad core processor after new year (yes, my motherboard support quad core, Intel only btw )
  3. eoN

    Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Tbh from what ive heard, i might be wrong, quad core isnt that useful with some games as seen as they bug up etc (i hope im wrong).

    Ill stick with my duel core for the moment as seen as if i really wanted to i could overclock it but i just dont feel the need, my computer runs like a dream and ive got all the Vista fancy visual effects and taskbar crap and everything.
  4. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Eon is quite right at the moment quad core is not as usefull as one might think, and 90% of the current apps dont use it more than 50% the only game that i know of that utilises all 4 cores is far cry 2. all the other games i play inc TF2 only really use 2.

    so at this present moment in time you are actually better with 1 dual core. running at say 3ghz standard, then clock that to 4-4.5ghz. if possible. as clocking is not garenteed, altho some mobos do clock better than others.

    If you are looking to clock cpus, then my choice would be intel every time as my AMD's never clocked anywhere near the intel's.

    My 2.54 dual core clocks to arround 3.6 - 3.8 GHz Cannot remeber as its not in a shuttle at normal speed.
    My Quad Q6600 is clocked to 3.4Ghz (Standard 2.4.)

    Both were water cooled.

    Just for any of you that are interested, i will be doing some custom build specs for our shop over crimbo. i will post the final spec here when they are complete, we will be doing one at about £650 starting price, and a sensible max of £2000. altho i did spec an insane one today befor i realised the cost price was about 4K. dont think we would sell many of them so scrapped that idea. :P

    @fastjohn: yes we do sell them, but to be ohnest you would be just as well to buy single bits online as. we make very little on parts, its mainly the service and knowledge that we offer than we make the money on.

    (after reading it you still want quad get the Q6600. Not seen 1 that wont clock to 3Ghz yet. all the ones i set were 3.2Ghz. Multi 8 FSB 400. in the bios if you know what that means? you may also need to up the cpu voltage to approx 1.33v should't need to change any others.)

    Just so people know, we usualy make arround 70 - 200 depending on spec of pc. i will be completely ohnest with people on what we are making, it is really just the offer of a profesionaly built system. All our machines are tested with PcCheck 6.05 and i personaly stress test them with 3Dmark software and prime95 and loads of other software. Not to big Me/my co workers up to much, but we fix alot of problems other shops write off or say they cannot be fixed. (maybe its becase we are all kind of geeky at heart?) lol
  5. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    oh well, i'll check and do some research around.

    I might get another dual core with a better speed ;)
  6. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    I would. if you dont mind some tinkering then you can get some great overclocks. 3Ghz to 4Ghz, Ideal for games at present.

    All you need to achive it is a good cooler. zalman z9700 is a good one, about £30 or a artctic freezer pro about £15-20.
    Or to really tweek the hell out of it water cooling.

    Apply the thermal grease correct. a line down the dual and quad cores, but different ways arround!!! DONT SPREAD IT. creates air pockets which dont help with the heat transfer. as you press the CPU cooler down it speads out nicely for you! :)

    This tells you the optimal application per CPU... ... ctions.htm
  7. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Quad core is essential in GTA IV.

    My E6850 3.0GHz C2D and 8800 GTS 640MB got about 30fps on average quality with the beta GTA IV nvidia drivers. After overclocking to 3.6GHz I got about 15 more fps, but my CPU is still the bottleneck - I can put on all sorts of crazy antialiasing (within reason) and lose very little fps.

    So if you want to enjoy GTA IV and get a boost in future source games (since Valve is finally including multi core support) then quad core is the way to go.
  8. eoN

    Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Tbh not long from now arent they moving up to 8 core and 24 core or some crap, or wait arent they just making better single cores (like 16 GHz single cores :S) i dunno im sure i heard about them :s
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    I built ma pc myself, lol :D

    where did you find anti aliasing in gta4? I couldnt find it! :O

    I got a duel core, working fine! (thanks to my 9800GT -.-') ON MEDIUM -.- That game is so darn heavy! like, a heavy in tf2 with 2000 health, 5 medics and 5 miniguns! :O
  10. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Custom built too, but by myself :D
  11. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    I run GTA SMOOTHLY, soo smoooothhly, on medium graphics and tbh I see no difference between full and medium. Well the only thing that's wrong is the shadows, lil' unclear but the rest is soooo smmooooothhhh !
  12. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Lucky :(
  13. Re: UK Custom Built PC's.

    Nah mate you just expect to much from your computer. Go into options and graphic then set to "recommended" or whatever ;)

    I have 9600 GT and duo 3 ghz, not overclocked, and 4 gig ram. It runs soo smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooothhhhhhhhllllllyyyy :P

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