Unlocking all achievements

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  1. Unlocking all achievements

    Just type: achievement_unlock_all in console. Your done!
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    that sucks
  3. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    Wow, it worked. Is there anyway to remove all achievements again? I can't believe how easy this was :o
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    if valve is a brother of EA, they will remove your account because of statspadding :lol:
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    this totally sucks! :evil:

    I was looking forward to play as a medic and unlock all the achievements myself, but since there's CHEATS now, whose gonna trust/believe you that you unlocked them yourself?

    I think Value will make an update in the next few days and disabled that cheat, if it gets flooded with bad feedback and emails.
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    I havent used it myself (yet), not sure if i will. Probably left over test code or something ilke that. Wish they did all the classes at once, playing atm totally blows because of insane amounts of medics.
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    To be honest, this is no oversight or accidentally left in command. There are so much commands to set or reset stuff that it has to be there on purpose.

    Here are some more console commands:

    unlock the weapons not the achievements.
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3

    reset all medic achievements:
    achievement_reset TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS

    reset all achievements:

    unlock random stuff;
    achievement_unlock TF_GET_TURRETKILLS
    achievement_unlock TF_KILL_NEMESIS
    achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY
    achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES
    achievement_unlock TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_DUSTBOWL_NOENEMYCAPS
    achievement_unlock TF_WIN_GRAVELPIT_NOENEMYCAPS
    achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS
    achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP
    achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEALPOINTS
    achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEADSHOTS ACHIEVED
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_EXTINGUISH_TEAMMATES
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SAVE_FALLING_TEAMMATE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_FREEZECAM_RAGDOLL
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_SPY_CALLERS
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE
    achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER
  8. Bun

    Re: Unlocking all achievements

    Fucking annoying, 7 out of 10 medics running around with the bonesaw. I fucking hate cheaters.
  9. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    hope core will install the smod plugin, so we have a limit of 4 medics on a team. It really sucks when 7 of then are med and none of them heals you.
  10. Bun

    Re: Unlocking all achievements

    Also when half of them hax.
  11. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    hax? ;-)
    it's a console command, and so...
  12. Bun

    Re: Unlocking all achievements

    "Sv_cheat" is a cheat, so console commands can be cheats. :o
  13. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    there isnt a normal game anymore :x
    a medic doesnt heal the nearby heavy, he runs into a horde with the bownsaw
    so idiotic ,i played today about 2 hours, and i dont wanna play the next time until the idiots are away
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    yeah the sooner all these twats unlock those weapons and toy with it, the faster we can go back to regular TF2. Until the next patch at least. :p
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    Oh god what a complete failure on behalf of Valve.. I'm never gonna use this cheat to unlock my Achievements, I'd prefer to do it all myself.
  16. Bun

    Re: Unlocking all achievements

    The only place people isn't that dumb is actually UKCS. :o
  17. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    pfft I broke down and tried it :-)

    although I haven't even bothered yet because there were like 7 medics on the server and none were healing!!

    nvm The only reason I did it was because I couldn't be bothered... (and the fact that I would never get them all in a million years!! lol)
  18. Bun

    Re: Unlocking all achievements

    I reset all the achivments, but still have the weapons, anyone have an solution? =(
  19. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    Yes, buy a new account :D

    Nah seriously...valve cocked up with this update :roll:
  20. Re: Unlocking all achievements

    There has been an update to TF2. :)

    Team Fortress 2 Client
    Removed TF2 achievement console commands
    Team Fortress 2 Server

    Fixed clients being able to trigger sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo on the server
    Fixed potential "nuke" exploit in rcon subsystem

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