Updated servers to 1.4

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  1. Updated servers to 1.4

    And by some amazing luck, they now have 25 slots :D (24 real)
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    Downloading update, heh i hope developers won't make something more that colorfull borders... :3
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    All I can say is LOL! :o
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    From zombiepanic.org
  5. eoN

    Re: Updated servers to 1.4

    It's a pity but i think Steam have pretty much just copied ZP:S (ALOT of the features like glowing weapons, dropping / sharing ammo and weapons and medicine etc) with L4D.

    I kinda hope that L4D doesn't take away ZP:S's fan base but i have a feeling it will.
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    It may not be highest by GRank, but it's still awesome: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=zps2 :D

    Also I think ZPS is just as good as L4D, and the gameplay in each is pretty different (L4D = Improved Zombie Master (which will almost certainly die following the release of the full L4D), ZPS = ZPS) so ZPS should still be around for a while :)
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    Oh and tbh I think Gaming Masters has finally regained its reputation in ZPS - it only took a minute for an empty (crashed) server to fill completely :D
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    But she is not, model is ugly...

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