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  1. ventrilo help

    I have a proplem with my vent, when i'm not playing tf2 my vent works fine but when im ingame i can't talk to anyone as the talk button doesn't work, even though it works fine if i tab out of tf2. The button i use to talk is my 3rd mouse button.
  2. Th-

    Re: ventrilo help

    Is it possible that you have another action for the same button in TF2 which might override it?

    Other than that I cannot help, but I'm sure someone else can.
  3. Ash

    Re: ventrilo help

    I use mouse 4 for ingame and mouse 5 for vent (both next to each other on shoulder buttons).

    Now heres the weird part.. mouse 5 wasn't working while in TF2 from setting it before going into TF2 but when I alt tabbed from TF2 to vent and set it to mouse 5 it started working.. so try setting the key for vent while TF2 is running ;o it worked for me.
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    tried that and it didn't work. Iv'e made it so if i press the talk button it stays on until i press the button again, it's not the best but it will have to do.
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    I've tried various buttons inc caps lock and it doesn't work when ingame.
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    how do you know it doesnt work? you cant hear the ticking sound when you press the button or what?
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    yeah and no one can hear me, i asked disco and he said he couldn't hear me.

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