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  1. Video thread

    Anyway, i couldn't find a video thread, so decided to post it here.

    A few days ago i was talking to FastJohn about video's and it occured to me that i never made a video about TF2 yet, one thing led to another, and so i spent a few hours making this video. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i enjoy making it. It features a few classes, was recorded on the GM servers, and if you dont like the music, mute it (i didn't know what music to use :lol:)


    The quality is significantly better when you download it :)

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    cool video! ;)

    what's the song name?
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    In order:
    (part of) Dj Iri - edit:one
    Pendulum - Sounds of Life
    (part of) Pendulum - Slam
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    ye nice one ;)
    what did you use for the editing, especially the part where you show the class on one and the video on the other side?
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    Nice Job
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    Programs used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
    Adobe After Effects CS3

    For the "split screen" effect i used after effects masking :)
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    Aww, so cute :D

    But no, if only tho :lol:
  8. Bun

    Re: Video thread

    Can you upload somewhere else, filefront only loads 5% of the time for me. =(
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    AH FFS!!!

    "Due to many uploads... BLAH BLAH...about 100 minutes waiting time... "

    anyway, this would be the link:
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    95 minutes waiting time for me


    it so popular
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    ah that's the one we played yesterday

    we must put it on one of our servers, max 6 players only, cos it will be a mess with over 6 players.
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    Tried uploading somewhere else, no success :(, any tips on where you can upload vids ~200 MB :D?

    edit: ninja'd waebi's site

    here you go bun :)
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    Hehe, that looks like alot of fun :D
  14. Bun

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    It says it a private video. :S
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    my bad hehe :D

    i'm new to this site, made it public now :)
  16. Bun

    Re: Video thread

    Ooh, nice job! =]
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    Really nice vid iBunny
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    and again. private :P

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