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Which day do you prefer to have the GM community weekly matches?.

  1. Monday

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  2. Tuesday

  3. Wednesday

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  4. Thursday

  5. Friday

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  6. Saturday

  7. Sunday

  1. Vote: Weekly community matches

    Vote which day you prefer to have the GM community weekly matches.
  2. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    I had loads of pop ups about this on steam :?

    anyway sundaaaays is the best!
  3. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches


    Also because on Sundays people usually want to chill out and have some fun so it would be great fun :D
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    When I originally came up with the idea I did think of putting it on a Saturday or a Sunday (for convenience) but quickly realised that it would get cancelled a lot because of team practices/matches.

    Monday used to be the only day that the match server didn't have any matches/practices. I don't know if this is still the same today.

    Without knowing if it'll be cancelled every week because of another arrangement I cannot vote on this.
  5. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Well on Mondays I have football (soccer for the Americans here if there are any) practice and Sunday is the day before school again.. So then I go to bed earlier than Saturdays so I think Saturdays are best ;)

    Anyone has a problem with Saturday?
  6. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Most if not all ETF2L matches, and the majority of PCWs are all held on sunday.
    So if you do the matches on a sunday it will more often than not be without the match team members.
  7. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Half of F wont turn up because a lot of us are not big fans of the 32 man spam servers, i more prefer 24 slot servers if I'm playing on PUB's.

    And we don't have a match every Sunday so it shouldn't be to bad, also i would guess the community match would start at a time like 6pm whereas official matches usually start at around 7pm or 8pm.

    Personally i wouldn't be that bothered if i missed one, its a lot more for the community than for the clan but I would turn up and have fun if I didn't have anything else / anywhere else to do / be.

    But if this turns out to be true and not many people turn up maybe we could lower the time of the community matches to 5pm or 4pm?

    Also, with these community matches if there are not 16 GM members on the server and there are, for example, 24 community members will 8 of the community members me kicked to make room for clan members? If yes I am against this idea, if no what will happen? I personally think the community should play with the clan members and if it is not fair then auto balance should be turned off and all the community members go to one team (most likely more than the clan members) and all the clan members go to the other, if this happens it will be very hard for the clan members if there are only 10 or something.

    Anyway I think I'm jumping ahead this will probably be discussed later on once the day has been finalized.
  8. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Please don't talk for the team - they can talk for themselves. Also you seem to be putting down the idea of community matches simply because GM runs a number of 32 slot servers: this is an example of the elitlsm which has caused a lot of problems over the past few months. Don't like 32 slot servers = don't play on them, please don't whinge to us about it. I think the community matches should be 24 slot anyway, but we'll see. You wouldn't be that bothered if you missed one...thank you for saying this although I am really not sure why you felt the need to. The matches are for the community, i.e. clan members and people within the community and spaces will be filled on a first-come first-served basis - I will be making the effort to attend as many as I can - they were great fun and also offered interesting new perspectives on some maps. Anyway I think monday is still the best time :)
  9. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Did you even read what i said?

    I expected that the 32 man servers would be used i only just found out (from one of the other topics) that it would be the match server, also from what half the people in F say, they dont seem to like 32 man servers hense why me and lots of others usually play on the 24 slot turbine one...

    Its not elitism to not like something because you dont enjoy it, alot of people ive talked to in the community also dont like 32 slot server but they like the GM ones. And what i ment by i wouldnt be bothered if i missed one was that they dont seem to be that well advertised, we need to get it more organised aka signups for clan members and maybe reserved slots for some community members (just tell them earlier so they can get on the server before it fills (aka before the steam announcement)) And i mean the community members that read the forum, because i think they should take priority over the other community members because they try to give something back to GM.

    Piss please read before posting.
  10. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    The facts remain: you don't speak for F, please let individual members post their own thoughts and likes/dislikes. If you had written your second paragraph in the first place then I wouldn't have had to write what I did.

    This is much more like it, it attemps to discover something and offers a number of things to the organisers of the community matches. It also only allows for one reading of the post and ensures that what you mean is put across the way you want it - a lot of GM's problems over the past few months have been over poor communication (on everyone's part) and misunderstandings so please read and consider the impact of your own posts before posting them :)

    ANYWAY - I think signups are a good thing - they will make the matches a bit more serious and if they take off will make a place in them a sought after thing. If the date is not full an hour before the event a steam message can be sent to the community group or a number of messages sent via Darkisock to get more people involved. One thing we absolutely cannot have with these matches is clan stacking - to this end everyone should join via the random button and clan members should do their best to even things out if this results in an accidentally stacked team. After a few weeks (assuming they are successful) we can start looking at things like organised Clan v community matches or even an informal combined clan/community league (ambitious but something to work towards)
  11. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Okay, firstly can we get some sure things pointed out because i though this was going to be a clan vs community match, can someone explain what they mean by Weekly community match because no one else has (from anything ive read on the forums)
  12. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    They used tom be a regular feature on a Monday night at, I think, 9 o'clock. People from the clan and community would join the match server and we would play for a few hours on various maps: Granary, Mach4 etc. They were not a clan vs. community thing, although sometimes resebled such due to clan members wanting to play with each other :) They were great fun and something that we really need back.
  13. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Hm. If its not clan vs community can we have a Challenge Us thing where community members can play against like F or E (when Vacoy rebuilds it) maybe make a competition out of it like the winning team gets a reserved slot or whatever something like that.

    Would be great fun :D

    Like maybe make a whole league out of it.
  14. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Clan vs. community would be cool for occasional matches for sure - also maybe a mixed league with 3 clan, 3 community in each team. Doesn't even have to be that big, 4 teams would make it perfectly playable and it could just go on and on, as well as providing a new base for new teams to form themselves.
  15. eoN

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Exactly, but it would also be a great chance for practice for the teams and even if its just for fun :D
  16. Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    The mixed league sounds like great fun.
    I don't believe something like that would ever work out though, from an organisatory point of view that is.
  17. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

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  18. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Sunday is best; open forum - clan and community
  19. Bun

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    Geitiegg, I remember that. So long time ago...
    It was fun that game, alittle to much stacking as you can see. :3
  20. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Vote: Weekly community matches

    It wasn't that long ago, it was the week after I was removed from the clan I think. :D

    But despite the clan stacking it was a very fun game.

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