War server idea. 6v6

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6v6 War server...

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  1. War server idea. 6v6

    Ok the idea in short, was to unofficially imaging the "war server" was in fact called "6v6 War Server".

    So if you see someone on there then you would know that people were wanting a 6v6 match, so the GM member that wanted to play more a skill game. Rather than a spam game could join.
    (With class limits of course.)

    If however more people wanted to join, I.E 18 then we could play a highlander 9v9.

    Was really just an idea to try and get GM member practicing skills and working as a team.

    P.S Yes my english probably still sucks.
  2. Re: War server idea. 6v6

    I THINK you mean this:

    Join and idle in the war server if you want to play a mix - when it's full then the match begins. So a first-come, first-served GM pick-up server?

    IF that's the case then i'm not so sure - seems a bit of a waste to have to wait in there until/if enough people join to play.
  3. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: War server idea. 6v6

    nottingham? :shock: sounds english to me.. so do you come from england and suck at your own language or do you live half the world away :roll: :lol:
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    Nottingham is in england, infact it's about 5 miles east of where i live.
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    Its called dyslexia think befor you insult people. Link-----> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyslexia read it!

    I Got a GCSE "D" in english (Shit.) but i have better spoken english than you i an assure you.
    Also people with dyslexia oftern are extreamly clever, just excel/show it in a differant way. another link for you... http://www.dyslexia.com/qafame.htm

    May also help you understand.... http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictio ... m/Dislexia as this is easier to understand. (Well for me anyway.)
  6. Re: War server idea. 6v6

    Edited my post to try and show what I think you mean...
  7. Re: War server idea. 6v6

    yeah thats the basic concept, altho people could personaly train while they are waiting. As no one uses the server anyway atm, not even for matches.
  8. Th-

    Re: War server idea. 6v6

    The goal of this idea is great, but I feel its too complicated. Besides, we have the match bot and we can always pm people, which I think is still easier.
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    Yay... 37% [ 3 ]
    Nay... 62% [ 5 ]

    You may select 1 option

    Total votes : 8

    Epic fail so far ;(

    P.S i am not voting, as that would't be fair.

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