We are not losers, we are lasers.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ray, 28 Jun 2009.

  1. Ray

    We are not losers, we are lasers.

    I just had to share this, I'm dying for this album to drop.. One of my favourite artists and possible one of the most under-rated stars out there.. Check it out..
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    He is a breath of fresh air for the Hip-Hop scene, the genre has become some what shit over the last 10 years, all the songs are about the same old of shit. I blame Akon, he is Hip-Hops cancer, sampling Chipmunks isn't cool and sounds shite. Don't know about you Ray but I always find myself listening to the classics like 36 Chambers (best debut Hip-Hop album ever), Ghostface+Reakwon's Iron-man, NWA, 2pac, Biggie and Jay-Z early shit, Nas - Illmatic, Eric B & Rakim and so on....
  3. Ray

    Re: We are not losers, we are lasers.

    Yeah, the synthesizing bastards slayed it up to a point where it became shameful to listen to Hip Hop.. I listen to the old school classics.. Ice cube and what not.. I am, however, a Lupe fan, he's bringing it back, or atleast trying to. Have you heard his latest single, shining down, the lyrics in that song are mind blowing. I just can't wait for this album to drop.
  4. Re: We are not losers, we are lasers.

    Not heard it yet, I was going to get it when released on Itunes but I just found out that when you purchase an album from Itunes, you are renting it and do not own it WTF!
  5. Ray

    Re: We are not losers, we are lasers.

    Have a look on YouTube, it's there. Mind blowin' lyrics to be honest. He makes fun of all the auto-tuners, the guys that use synthesizers. :)

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