Website Ideas!

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  1. Website Ideas!

    Post your Ideas Below!!!

    1- Allow people in the "Clan Members group and Above (NOT Server Admin) to be able to upload Images to the admin Panel so me and Core have to "Aprove" them before they appear

    2 - Allow Core and Spitfire the highest access

    3- if a person is in a group called "Recruitment" they can accept a join request by using the admin panel to accept the user into thr group and a bot posts a message..
    Once Recruitment Accepts the appllication...only core, Spitfire , terror , Dark can remove the join Rights ( so they get removed from the group via the admin Panel )

    4 - Somoene design some banners ( not to Big ) that we can use when we are posting news...

    Please post your ideas below , posts that are off topic willbe removed!
  2. Re: Website Ideas!

    CPU usage is too high from the TGA loading function, and the code is set up so that if more than one person uploaded at the same time, bad things might happen.

    Since only the 4 "main" admins (Darkimmortal, Core, Spitfire, t3rribl3on3) have access, limiting certain areas seems pointless.

    I have thought long and hard about the whole Join Us page and, frankly, I think the risks and increased work on the user's behalf far outweighs the "coolness" of having a join us page.

    Here's a basic outline of the two processes:

    Existing process
    • Register on forums[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Login to forums[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Post new topic with the relevant information[/*:m:1fld4s8u]

    Proposed process

    • Register on forums[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Login to forums (probably optional)[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Make way back to join us page[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Due to PhpBB3's XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) security, log in again with a potentially unsecure login form on the join us page. Note: creating such a form would mean days of work for me. :( [/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Type in the relevant info to separate provided boxes[/*:m:1fld4s8u]
    • Receive link to topic where post has appeared automatically[/*:m:1fld4s8u]

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

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