Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

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  1. Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    After the initial controversy over Tonks getting around some of the current policies, we have held a clan-wide vote as required by part #3 of the recruitment policy and I'm happy to announce that after winning the vote 18-7, Tonkamania is now, by our current policy, an official member of GM :D

    Congratulations, Tonks! :D

    (post your complaints/flames here)
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  2. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Welcome mate,

    Let do some cop work on the servers :twisted:
  3. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Hooray :D
  4. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    welcome and LOL at Peanut's avatar :O
  5. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Congratulations Tonks,

    Cya on the servers

    Disco :)
  6. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Welcome Tonkamania :)
  7. eoN

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Im still pissed off that there is STILL no demo for us to watch and youve even let him in, if you make a recruitment process stick to it or scrap it.
  8. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    *bangs head against wall* Tonka applied at the beginning of August, well before the dramabomb and well before the new recruitment policy - we felt if was unfair to make him reapply using the new policy but held a vote anyway to see what people thought: vote = win for Tonka.
  9. eoN

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    But how can we vote if we dont know if hes good or not, I'm sure the point in a vote was to put a demo up with it but that NEVER happens i dont even think it happened with me.

    And the old recruitment process was even stricter, do you think he should of gone through that? Like i had to...
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  10. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Tonka's application has been judged by the process as existed at the time of his appliction. As such the vote, nor any of the other new criteria, was not required, but we put it up anyway so the clan could have a say on the matter. Tonka spends a lot of time on the servers (cue tiresome and inevitable complaints about spamfests) and is known by others who also enjoy spending time on them; these people know Tonka to be a good bloke,a good communicator and a good player and have voted 'Yes' for him. More 'Yes' than 'No' = Tonka is [GM], a result the leaders agree with.
  11. eoN

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Okay, i think you've miss understood.

    Read the old recruitment process, the reason why it was abolished is because it was to hard for the 'fun' players. The new one is easy.

    My main point is why wasn't a demo posted? If there was no point in this vote and it ment nothing then why was it put up? And i think for the people in the clan that dont play on the 32 man servers this is completely unfair and gives a completely bias result, also what was this vote ment to be for? Skill? Communications? Being a 'nice guy'?

    Someone tell me what the criteria for this vote was again?
  12. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    I believe Tonka did provide 2 demos at the time of his application - you can ask him for the demos so you can view them if you like, or you can play some games with him to see his skill level as it is now. There was a point to the vote - it represents the clan membership and how they feel about Tonka joining: one more time, result = 'Win' for Tonka - had it gone the other way then result would have been 'Lose' for Tonka.

    The vote was entitled

    "Do you, GM, want Tonkamania in the clan?"

    I feel this is a succint, subtle and entirely appropriate question to ask, and an excellent way of putting across the point of the vote - well done Waebi, cookies ;p

    How is this a biased result for those (few) people who don't play the clan servers? Chances are these people have either voted 'No' anyway or don't really care about this matter - either way they have had their say.

    You (as in GM) have spoken - you do want Tonka in the clan. Therefore he is in the clan. A little over half of the clan voted (a respectable turnout), with each person's vote counting for 1 - you cannot argue with the result.
  13. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D


    It is the other way mate, it now harder for players to join the clan, NOT easy.

    Doesn't say you have to put a demo in. Put if you play a pug which is part on ONE of the basic skill requirements in the Recruitment Policy of joining GM. then you should do one if you remember to.
    But eoN, be on the GM servers so you know how he is like!
  14. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Exactly. :roll:
  15. eoN

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Im not arguing with the result, hes in, i just think hes been let in a bit to easily.

    Im sorry, i didnt think it was much to expect the demos to be posted here.

    GM need to stop letting people in and stop making the recruitment to hard, if GM wants to have a recruitment system they need to stick to it, if they dont want one get rid of it and maybe the teams should just have a recruit anyone and think about it later like the admin for ZP:S?

    Its a little harsh on the other people who want to get into GM who will have to go through the recruitment system to get in.

    And @Fastjohn how the hell do i know hes played a PUG the point is you have to demo 2 pugs to show rough skill. And if i cant see it how do i know its happened? He could of done utterly shit and just rage quitted, i wouldnt know?
  16. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    I say But IF <-- sorry 4 spelling mistake there, suppose to be but instead put :roll:

    Also lot of ppl forgot to record a demo, I forget many times. I want a script to auto record teh demo :)
  17. eoN

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Yes, but the point is to record 2 demos not just play 2 pugs, i'd say to get happy with the results it will take about 10 to get some really good demos and just upload the 2 best ones.
  18. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    I can't believe we are still on about this - let it go.
  19. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    A vote was requested, and so a poll was created. Subsequently 18 players decided to vote for him.

    I think it's a bloody good result, and you should at least acknowledge this and congratulate the man! I was lucky enough to be invited to this clan before the recruitment process and didnt have a vote to get in. Quite a few of GM is made up of players like me, and I and expect a few players, including me, wouldnt like to go though a vote as Tonks has had to.

    So give the man his dues

    Well done again Tonks

  20. Re: Welcome (officially) Tonks to GM :D

    Yea ok eoN, it the past now.

    Forget it.

    We done it.



    *sigh* gotta get up at 6:30am

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