What happened, our resolution

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    What happened, our resolution

    The events of the past week must be reacted to. Let's see what happened and decide how to proceed.

    Here is how I saw it:

    Spyko was seriously pissed at some random things, and as a venting procedure took control of the website replacing it with a simple note directed against Pissmidget. It didn't take long to restore the site but the problems were not solved. Soon after Spyko disabled the forums again by linking to a provocative note saying the organization of GM is deeply flawed and will face "extreme changes" Spyko's access to rdp couldn't be instantly removed so we asked Geit to fix the site.

    This is where bigger problems rose. Site was restored in a matter of a few hours, but not before Geit had ignored Pissmidget's request of correcting the damage made by Spyko. Spyko had apologized for some of his actions in a formal-ish topic which was later deleted.

    Dannykilla was curios of what was happening and started his topic where he stated his view of the events. This topic is our main source of written information. Apparently disabling the site and the following discussions were not spontaneous acts by Spyko as it would have appeared, but a planned series of tests representing the views of Geit, Spyko and Dark. Spyko told me that Dark was not satisfied with the current state of GM and was planning something like what Geit and Spyko started, including a demotion which I interpreted to refer to me with a strong possibility, and to Pissmidget with small possibility.

    Needless to say I was pretty surprised, though not convinced.

    Geit and Spyko appeared strict when demanding changes to GM policies, and tried to assume power a lot higher than their ranks would give them. I chatted personally with Spyko and he told me his only issues were the recruitment policy with apparently a too high KPD-requirement and he demanded to lower it from 1.5 to 1.2. His other demand was to have a "friendlier atmosphere by enforcing our values more than before. Spyko appeared to have only these small issues which he wanted to get discussed, but Geit expanded their agenda by requesting a big change to our atmosphere of fun/competitive balance in the community, and having me resigned. He was openly against both me and Pissmidget. Community reacted by shrugging off his accusations and gave their input. Later on the general consensus seemed to be firmly against Geit's opinions, and the interest in this discussion cooled down. Geit apologized for his actions in a formal post and sold out Spyko by trying to play down his involvement and responsibility.

    At Thursday afternoon I went AFK for 3 days on a family holiday and returned Sunday morning. Now:
    - "Tech team" group has been removed
    - Spyko is a community member and has been quiet as far as I know
    - Geit has apologized personally to Pissmidget
    - Dark revealed to the public that he has a plan to rearrange GM soon

    Next, I'd like everyone to elaborate freely on this discussion by explaining your views, and reflecting on the next course of action. Atm I feel like doing the following:
    - doing whatever is needed to remove all access to rdp from Spyko
    - being more strict with enforcing our values ( I have given 2 warnings for Kj's behavior )
    - giving a few warnings to Geit
    - removing Geit from any power over the site
    - Geit's expulsion should be considered and voted on by the private community
    - Dark should explain his involvement in the situation, and his view of future hierarchy and organization changes (if any are needed). At this point I am ready to believe that Geit and Spyko have operated without Dark's endorsement.
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    In the midst of the drama, I asked Geit to help me get the server back on line. He did this whislt on holiday at 11pm at night, for which I am grateful.

    You cannot remove these technical people without replacing them. Dark cannot do everything.

    Suggestion post in clan section Technical ability server post available - promotion to full server admin - need to demonsrate / chat to dark re skills. This post MUST remain in clan section, we must not allow anyone outside of clan running our forums.

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    Re: What happened, our resolution

    I believe the community is growing impatient waiting for our response.

    Speak up.
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    3 warnings each - geit and spyko. Reason - Serious breech of rules - why 3 - this happens again within the month then they are out.

    Side note: We need to support our technical members.
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    Actually what I would like to know is who gave Spyko full access and why? Also Dark what is this new idea you have, share with us your thoughts :)
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    Disco's idea is a good one, although I would prefer it if Spyko had absolutely no power or influence whatsoever over anything to do with the clan. Geiti was rude, arrogant and stupid to follow Spyko, but Spyko was the one who started all this because he had a bad day, I don't see how he can retain access to ANYTHING to do with the clan after that. Geiti personally apologised to me and has been active on the servers and very helpful since the incident, I have heard nothing from Spyko whatsoever, apart from a few snide comments on dustbowl.

    I think the community response indicates that we are doing something right - there is a feeling that the GM tag is worth something and that the clan/community is going somewhere, the servers are always popular, there are new players wanting to join, more people wanting to play in matches etc. However one resolution to 'what happened' would be to get the tech members and darki back onto the servers and actually playing the game - this would help bridge the divide that seemed to cause the problem in the first place.
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    Can you please respond as anything that piss th or I say will mean nothing unless you are behind us. 3 warnings or ban or nothing you decide.
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    Geit and Spyko went too far and should be warned accordingly.

    GM is becoming increasingly detached from its REAL community - simply put, I propose the complete removal of the private community. Sure segregating a community based on skill and commitment looks like a good idea on paper, but a successful gaming network/community works in much the same way as a successful social networking website. Everyone needs to be equal (apart from a highly exclusive team of administrators and leaders), and involvement should not require any effort or skill.

    Yeah that probably sounds extreme, but just look at eGO. It worked for them.

    The major improvements this will lead to include:

    - 24/7 full servers - all of them.
    - Expansion into other games.
    - More intelligent discussion and overall activity on the forums.
    - Motivating me into redesigning the website and generally putting more effort into GM.
    - No more jealousy, flaming etc.
    - No more divide between the forums and the servers (only a tiny percentage of regulars are active on the forums, and even fewer are actual GM members).
    - FAR more community events - perhaps even nightly.

    And it will mean these changes have to be made:

    - Abolition of any recruitment requirements other than having played on any server in our network at least once.
    - Purchasing or otherwise acquiring a vBulletin license - PhpBB is just horrible to work with. The new website will be entirely based around vB in a non-gimmicky portal style.
    - As I mentioned above, removal of the 'private community' - everyone will be what is now a Community Member.
    - Absolutely no limit on the number of 'members' - I want to see how far GM can grow.

    I'm open to suggestions, but that is honestly how I think GM will be successful. Of course, competitive gaming will still exist within the community, except this time it will be done properly - anyone will be free to form a team with GM support, as long as they acknowledge GM within their tag when playing matches.

    That brings me to one last point - we will be completely open on tags. People can wear whatever the hell they want, but are encouraged to wear the GM tag in any shape or form when playing on our servers. And of course, match teams with our support (servers, private forum etc.) must wear the tag when playing matches, but are equally free to do what they want at other times.
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    Slightly concerned about this Dark. GFL operate in this "new" way however I feel we have a set-up. I think you are going to attract alot of players who just want to dick around rather then actually try and work together or be bothered to work on their skills or on their team work.
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    Re: What happened, our resolution

    With that I think people would no longer feel special about being in GM, and there might even be more jealousy around match teams.

    I think all ill feelings could be limited by simply enforcing the rules and showing an example.

    ...I am not convinced that this change would bring the results you suggested Dark, and the proposition by Pissmidget is already pretty close to this one.

    Somebody should make an announcement about the aftermath of the past events, what was done after and the reasons behind the actions.
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    Which is fair enough and something we will have to accept if we want to be a community with servers rather than servers with a community.
  12. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Yeah, Yeah it's over now.

    I would just like to point out that most of this was out of haste and you should still consider the fact that I wrote a formal apology.

    Geit's disprespect for leaders still shouldn't be tolerated regardless, This isn't the first time he has gotten involved with something which only ended in a dispute. (class limit plugin.etc)

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