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    I have the older "pebble" version of that Samsung monitor (with that one being the rose I do believe) and I think it's amazing! I paid £200 for it about a year and a half ago and it's still running as if it was brand new! 100% recommendation (and it has a zero dead pixel warranty for the first year!!)

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    Overdrive and I got the same monitor. ;)

    it worth every penny. it's one of best 22inch monitor out there. *look @ specification*

    I bought it at £180 last year, now it down to £159.00 on Amazon
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    I got the older version on the LG one,
    I gotto say its the BEST monitor I've ever seen!
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    I have the LG 22dslr hd tv/monitor, it's a brilliant monitor and tv and i will defiantly get another LG one again.
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    From my experience, Samsung and LG gave me problem after problem, if I was you, save up and try to get this
    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showprodu ... 49&subcat=

    Its not as cheap as the Samsung, but these monitors are awesome. I have 2 Higher end Viewsonics monitors and they are the best monitors I've ever had.
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    I don't know why people pay so much for monitors really. None of you probably have prebuilts though, like my Acer which has an awful 1440x900 one though. :D
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    lg is ordered hopefully it will arrive tomorrow at work
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    cool, for how much?

    btw both of them looks like they got the same specs. beside the brand. only difference is that LG got HDMI, you can get it in the other Samsung model for extra cost.
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    £157.15 + free delivery from ebuyer

    the only spec dif is the lg was 16:9 and the samsung was 16:10 and i did not know what was better for gaming so i went with the lg and the lg has 1080p res where as the samsung didnt
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    not bad price ;)

    yea like i said Samsung got [strike:2gd8nfzq]three[/strike:2gd8nfzq] two models

    the HD one got 1080p, as it cost £196.67 on Amazon and on Play.com is wooping £329.99 :shock:
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    aye great monitor and was a really big switch from a 14'' block. still trying to get used to it

    got the T220 HD for about... £120-160. quality is very nice, using it more for vids tho.... so big (thats what she said) =P
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    woot it just arrived cant wait to get home n plug it in now.
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    It's hard to beat 0ms response times and ?:1 contrast ratio :mrgreen:

    And LCD backlights hurt my eyes just as much as a flickery CRT :(
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