Why to avoid MaD-DoS

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    He hacked Bun's account like this...

    Don't trust this guy...

    And he asked me recently that he wanted to be in GM...

    Big no.

    Jack of all trades, master of nothing.

    "Those who control their anger have great understanding; those with a hasty temper will make mistakes. "
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    This guy again...
    He promised to hack my account as well, I'm still waiting.
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    also Spyki, we had to remove your admin rights as long as we cant be sure you are the "real" one on the servers... too risky to have all users banned all of a sudden :(
  4. Bun

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    Mad-dos is much like the spy yes...
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  6. Bun

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    So what happened, did he keylog you? :x

    How low can he be, 'trying' to steal steam accounts. :lol:

    Ahh well, unlucky Spykodemon.
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    go to valve immediately i'd say... you gotta send them copies of your game serials afair.
    http://supportwiki.steampowered.com/wik ... am_Account

    # Verification of ownership of your Steam account. To prove yourself the rightful owner of your Steam account, you must provide one of the following:

    * If you registered software purchased at a retail location, please attach a digital photo or scan of a CD Key registered to your account. Please write your Steam account username on the quick reference card or CD Key sticker below the code in permanent ink.

    If you purchased software through Steam with a credit card, please provide the following:

    * The Card Type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    * The Cardholder’s Full Name
    * The Credit Card Expiration Date
    * The last four digits of the credit card number - Do not provide the full credit card number

    2 days and you have it back ;)
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    ye, fuckin hope so... you should get email/whatever pretty soon then, hacked accounts are not low priority i think.
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    OMG this idiot agen! :twisted:

    Core I though you banned him from all servers. and should remove him from the gamingmasters.org community group on steam.

    I see that he got a group on steam which all looks like hacks' accounts.
    8 accounts so far
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    WHOT THE FUCK. Report this guy and the steam group :S
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    oh btw

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    yea I send this group and steam ID to Valve before when BUN account was hacked. and I told them(Valve) to keep a eye on this guy or whoever this person is.

    They told me
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    lolz well.... his acc got banned once, maybe he got another or even legit. as i said, my thread there ;)
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    I pity him. I really do. With a mentality such as his, he will not make it anywhere in life.
    His lack of respect for authority will get him fired from any job. Starting his own business with a temper such as his is impossible as well.
    It's really none of my concern, but this guy needs help ASAP. Hacking people 'to get revenge' or whatever is just plain pathetic.
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    he fails @real life? ;) sorry for it, but i dont give a damn... he could start being nicer, maybe...
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    Grr.. MaD-DoS.. The devil disguised :evil:

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