Why :(

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Chris Highwind, 9 Jul 2008.

  1. Why :(

    Every server I try to log into says it has different class tables! TF2 worked fine yesterday and I've tried restarting steam and my PC! Anyone know if there is a way to solve this?
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    yes it's a server side problem. You have the newest update, and the server isnt updated yet. I've the same atm.
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    Servers updated now; couldn't do it late last night, people were still playing.
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    All servers go
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    thats again what i call: good news =)
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    Oh yeah :D
    i can attest it ^^ and it was a great night!
    Some servers started to die and then Beau and Sexsi joined an empty server and started a sniper match.
    Well, we played there with nearly 24 players til 02:30.

    Nightshift rocks!
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    Yeah that was a fun game, just a shame I had to leave early :(
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    old demos screwed again? *checking*
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    jup, are screwed
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