Your top 10 films

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  1. Your top 10 films

    Just thought this is always a good thread to read :D

    I'll start,

    1. Remember the Titans
    2. The Matrix
    3. Leon the Proffesional
    4. Anchor Man
    5. Road Trip
    6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    7. The Green Mile
    8. Princess Mononoke (Not Dubbed)
    9. Team America
    10. Airplane
  2. Re: Your top 10 films

    too many to list.

    rather list them like top 10/20 films in 2008 etc

    my top 20 2008 films are:

    Dark Knight
    Pineapple Express-FTW great laughs
    The Incredible Hulk
    Kung Fu Panda
    You Don't Mess With The Zohan
    Be Kind, Rewind
    Iron Man
    The Air I Breathe
    Speed Racer
    The Eye
    Balls Of Fury
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Mamma Mia-still gotta watch that, and i think it would fit in here :P

    I might have forgotten some great films but this what I can think of so far. too many to list
  3. Th-

    Re: Your top 10 films

    Ooh this is a hard one...

    Lets see...
    1. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring (2001) - there's never been a similar movie-experience in my life
    2. The Matrix (1999) +sequels
    3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
    4. Wall-E (2008) - a cute little movie as Eon put it :D
    5. Cars (2006) - maybe it's just me but I totally loved it, might have something to do with 7 years worth of history in karting
    6. The Terminal (2004) - a fantastic movie, true and full of feeling
    7. 300 (2006)
    8. The Island (2005) - this far down the list you know I'm a romantic but don't you dare make fun of it or I'll meet you on duel_duel2 and you have no place to run or hide... :? :lol:
    9. Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) - curiously I was never interested in Batman before these two movies
    10. The Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    It's hard to evaluate many movies when they are seen so many times, I tried to list them by the memory of the first time I saw each of these... Some films that are close to the list are Kung-fu Panda (2008), Mulan (1998), Rat-a-touille (2007), Transformers (2007), Shooter (2007) and Speed (1994). Fine action if you like it. HF watching 8-) :lol:
  4. Re: Your top 10 films

    1. Spirited Away (dubbed or non-dubbed - either is good)

    Nothing else deserves to be on the list.
  5. Re: Your top 10 films

    This is very hard to do, I have tried to do before with lads from work!

    1. Godfather 1&2
    2. Sharshank Redemption
    3. LOTR: Return of the King
    4. Dark Knight
    5. Alien & Aliens
    6. Seven Samurai
    7. Zatouichi
    8. Akira
    9. Blade Runner
    10. Gladiator

    If you caught me on another day these films may have been included!

    Usual Suspect
    Ghost in the Shell
    Good, bad and the Ugly
    Few Dollars more
    Fist full of dollars
    Martix - others were pretty s*it
    Pulp Fiction
    Star Wars: Empire strikes back
  6. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Your top 10 films

    Danny, a dose of good taste! I would go for

    1.'s looking at you kid!
    2. Apollo 13...real drama, real story
    3. A Matter of Life and Death...ask your parents!
    4. Groundhog day...could watch it again and again :D
    5. The Matrix...awesome effects and a classy story
    6. Spirited tune with my Darki side
    7. Phone Booth...raw emotion (with guns)
    8. The Life of Brian....He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
    9. Pulp Fiction...genius
    10. The Name of the Rose...steamy!
    11. Moulin Rouge (I know that is 11 but it is really hard to choose)

    Kung Fu Panda has an honourable mention!

    What about the movie you would like to destroy with extreme prejudice? I would go for Spongebob Squarepants, Journey to the Centre of the Earth (the new one) or Elf, which my wife made me sit through!

    Wow, when you get started on this there are a lot more of classics - Grey Lady Down, Saving Private Ryan, Some Like it Hot, Cool Hand Luke, the Jason Bourne series......
  7. Re: Your top 10 films


    Pulp Fiction
    Fight Club
    Batman: Dark Knight
    Bourne Ultimatum
    Oceans 11
    Last Samurai
    Spirited Away//Howl's Moving Castle
    Pixar Movies - Toy Story//Ice Age

    got an itching to watch Step Up 2 again... shh :P
  8. Re: Your top 10 films

    Seems a few anime fans here :)

    Always good.
  9. Re: Your top 10 films

    1. The Shawshank redemption.
    2. The Green Mile.
    3. Lockstock and two smoking barrels.
    4. 300 (Epic Fighting Film.)
    5. Its All Gone Pete Tong. ( 0.o Easy till now, now it requires more though. 0.o )
    6. Seven Pounds. (Not yet released. Release Date:16 January 2009.)
    7. Saw 1,2,3,4.
    8. Madagasca 2 (Love the penguins.)
    9. The Condemned
    10. Never back down.

    Not sure about the last 3, but they are good films given the mood.
  10. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Your top 10 films

    Shrew - Madagascar 2? It was a disaster - 1 was much better!
  11. Micky Mick rolling since 07

    Re: Your top 10 films

    In no particular order:

    The Terminator
    Pulp Fiction
    The Usual suspects
    All 3 Lord of the Rings
    Control (Joy Division biopic)
    Saving private Ryan
    Golden Eye
    The good, the Bad & the Ugly.

    Micky 8-)
  12. Re: Your top 10 films


    How can you say that? u sure you watched it 0.o , The Penguins have a much bigger part. and IMHO they made the movie for me, Love it.

    MAD 1: 6.6/10
    MAD 2: 7/10.

    Dont look doll..... This might get hairy 0.o
  13. Re: Your top 10 films

    Madagascar 1 was great film, still gotta watch the 2nd film.
  14. Re: Your top 10 films

    Shawshank Redemption
    Starship Troopers
    Dawn of the Dead (Original)
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Rocky II
    Rocky III
    Rocky IV
    Rocky Balboa

    Rocky V was stupid.
  15. Re: Your top 10 films

    There is only one Boxing film and that is Raging Bull, the rocky's IMO are shit, for the face that I am an amateur boxer and there is no way in hell anyone could take that much punishment, I know its a film but comeon!
  16. Re: Your top 10 films

    Yeah, you're right. Bloody films bending the rules of reality. :x

    I like the Rocky films for the story. A guy starting off at the very bottom of the rung, a gritty apartment, back-street fighting, etc. Watching him go to the very top and then back down to the bottom is quite interesting.

    I thought Raging Bull was boring and a bit of a let-down myself.
  17. Re: Your top 10 films

    seen a LOT of films in my time so this is a tough one lol but id have to go with (in no order):

    1.donnie darko....a timeless (no pun intended) cult of my fav movies of all time
    2.snatch....british film at its best factory...[insert cockney accent here] "YA SEE YOU YOU CANT, ILL CAT YOU FIRST!"
    4.the matrix.....executed to the point of perfection...opened my eyes to the power of imagination
    4.american beauty....pure brilliance
    5.pulp fiction....think protantus hit the nail on the head here with "genius" possibly my fav film of all time.
    6.friday...[strike:11jhn4fp]greatest[/strike:11jhn4fp] funniest comedy ever excluding jackass 1 & 2 the movies
    7.alien 1&2...possibly the best horror/sci-fi films ever made
    8.vanilla sky...just loved it, enuff said.
    9.american history x....a mind-blowing (literally) ending
    10.goodfellas....another classic

    a few others that deserve a place in the top ten if not 20 would have to be:
    fight club
    lord of the rings
    evil dead (not that great but it was the film i was watching when i lost my virginity so it will always have a place close to my heart lol)
    lock stock & two smoking barrels
    cruel intentions 1 (others were complte shite)
    7 pounds
    dead end
    the blair witch project.

    if u havent seen any of these films i would strongly suggest u do...
  18. Re: Your top 10 films

    "HAVE YOU MET STANLEY?!" :lol:
  19. Re: Your top 10 films

    haha love it :lol: but i believe its more along the lines of "ya flash cockney bastads DYA KNOW STANLEEY?!" *pulls out stanley knife* :lol: gotta love that film...probly seen it one too many times tho lol

    "kicked after death, nightmares and visions, 1 of the old soldiers gone forever, bright gone for a seven n bolloks so ruptured that the only thing ill be pullin for a month is a chain...after all that u really do have to ask yourself, if it was all worth it................COURSE IT FAKIN WAS!"

    definitely seen it one too many times :lol:

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