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  1. ZBlock Update

    ZBlock relied on something Sourcemod couldn't do - GetClientTeam on the player_disconnect event, so I have changed it's functionality slightly:

    If someone leaves the server at all their steam ID and a timestamp are added to the database (which is shared across all 5 servers), regardless of team or anything like that.

    Then if they, through any means, join the human team within 5 minutes they will be killed and a message will appear explaining why. This effect continues until after the 5 minutes expires, regardless of how many times they manage to join the human team.

    My compiler is the latest SM build, so I will need to update the build the server is running before it will actually work :(
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    Well for now... sm plugins list:
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    Yeah I still haven't updated SM yet ;)
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    Update carefully, do not discard changes we made ;)
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    Updated - run "sm_zblock_admin_immunity 0" and let me know if it works :)
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    Well now i fixing plugins that need update and well you discarded some changes such as ingame menu and so on, now fixing it too...

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